Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Today’s the day! Goddess School begins today! Hurrah!

You are so welcome to check out the Goddess School headquarters… it’s over at:


There are two e-courses goddesses can enrol in this term:

* Creative Goddess e-Course
Six weeks to discover the Creative Goddess in You through creating, meditating, spirituality and inspiration!

* Making Space for your Goddess to Shine e-course
Six weeks of divine decluttering & magical space clearing to help you make your space shining & supportive.

To enrol in the e-courses, just head over to the Goddess School page & choose your course.

I’m over-the-moon excited, delighted, ecstatic and joyful at all the miracles, joys, connections that will be shared at Goddess School… a space for goddesses to shine and share, bloom and grow!

I’m so blessed to have some wonderful goddesses who are helping to hold the space at Goddess School, and make it an even more radiant, supportive space for everyone there… my co-teacher Lisa Baldwin & three Goddess Tutors: Goddess Sone, Goddess Mietta & Goddess Ange who’ve already taken both the goddess e-courses… all of whom I adore madly and can’t wait for you all to adore too!

Most of all, I wanted to create a sacred space for women to share their precious journeys, grow together, and access beautiful tools to make their spirits shine and their journeys even more divine. I so believe that there is a wise, joyful, creative Goddess inside each of us, and my work is in helping women discover their goddess inside. I adore, adore doing this work. I love to see women light up from the inside out when they find and remember…

oh that’s right… I’m a Goddess! I’ve got all the wisdom and joy I need inside me!

There is magic all around us, and in us… we just gotta let it out!

I’m celebrating the beautiful launch of this big dream of mine today… breaking open the sparkling apple cider, and passing it around! Thank you so much for being here, dear friends. And thank you for being you.

To Big Dreams and Big love,

P.S. Enrolment is open until Wednesday – and is then closed for the rest of the term. Thanks darlinghearts!