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Lile, Andrea, Paris, Deb, me, Ben.

Yesterday, at lunch,
there were six.
Six meeting outside my building,
shrugging off the rain,
carrying handmade lunches in cute lunchbags.
Walking to the park,
squelching toes through the wet grass and dollops of rain.

We set up home on a comfortable rug under a pagoda in the middle of the park.
Surrounded by trees, and a couple of vagabond travellers.

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One, a whimsical looking Chinese man with a fishing rod
accidentally leaves his book at the edge.
Deb draws a SARK card, writes it down,
and leaves it in the book.

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darling Deb.

Six of us ~ two gods, four goddesses.

There is the wonderful Ben ~
showing how to let

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Top Five Reasons I Like Ben:
1. He always eats nachos off my plate when we eat Mexican.
2. His fashion sense: eclectic t-shirts, black wristband, big boots.

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3. That he worries that his hair is going to be flat from the rain.
4. He giggles madly, then looks off into the distance.
5. He trudged for fifteen minutes in the rain just for a laugh with a crew under a pagoda.

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Then there is Andrea….

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Top Five Andrea List.
1. Oh my god! Sweet lolly goodness soul!
2. She likes to really relish and think over her questions and answers.
3. She has cute little feet.
4. Most days she pins all her hair back straight, but some days she lets her amazing South American hair go wild and curly. It always looks crazy beautiful.
5. She believes in the goodness of people.

and the beautiful Deb…

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Top Five Reasons I love Deb
1. Because she has an amazing assortment of scarves to wear around her head.
2. She sends me emails to tell me her heart sings with love.
3. Every time I see her, my heart leaps with joy and I rush to hug her.
4. She is unable to keep a poker face.
5. I love how much water she drinks. Water rocks.

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Top Five Reasons I love Lile
1. It is very very very easy to convince her that instead of a quick coffee & muffin, she instead wants to have french toast and a muguccino with me at a cafe down the street.
2. She likes to play hard ball. But she’s a soft ball.
3. Her hair is crazy long.
4. As Paris says ~ there are two sides to Lile. One as sweet as pie, one as devillish as mud cake.
5. Coz she is EMERGING.

And Buddha, with a half eaten apple….

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Top Five Paris List.
1. He can look five years old one moment, and a thousand year old laughing Buddha the next.
2. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of this world, including the scientific names for most birds and plants.
3. When he tells stories, everyone is transfixed.
4. His wifey makes him amazing lunches, and he is uber grateful for them.
5. He looks like a school boy in his work outfit.

and me….

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(photo by deb)

Top Five Reasons I like Me….
1. Coz I giggle. A Lot.
2. I instigate three and four way hugs. A Lot.
3. I like to buy people plants.
4. I wear my own shirts and accept lifts from strangers.
5. I am really good at cutting toe nails. And I am quite flexible.

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So yeah… we just hung out. Ate lunch.
Read cards. Told stories. Giggled.
Sat on a pink rug in the middle of a park in the pouring rain.
And it was gloriously fun.

How remarkable…
Really remarkable…
That I have so many beautiful, fun, light filled, laughter ready
friends in my life. A warm and eclectic stew of goodness.

And it was the first time many of them had met…
but it didn’t matter.

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We were gods and goddesses,
meeting on mount olympus
discussing the problems of the world (or not)
and eating our lunch.