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the bee makes love to the flowers, tidbinbilla.

“We must not wish for the disappearance of our troubles but for the grace to transform them.”
~ Simone Weil

I’ve realised lately how I tend to view things in BLACK or WHITE.
I either love something, or I DON’T.
My views of life are quite rigid. What is right, and what is wrong.
I was talking to my bus friend Paris about them today ~
and he said to me:
You really are a funny old duck, aren’t you?
And he said it in the kindest of ways.
I am a funny old black and white sort of duck.

An example is I really don’t deal well with the thought that my little sister has sex.
(She, by the way, IS 18 and very mature!)
Anytime my older sister mentions it on the phone, I squeal and say:
don’t tell me. I can’t deal with it! I don’t want to know!
Just at the very thought that my little sister ~ whom I still see as my four year old doll that I could play dress ups with ~ is not that four year old anymore.

And Paris said to me ~
Now, Leonie, you really need to get in touch with your own Aphrodite.
I protested and said ~
No, no, I know my Aphrodite. We are dear friends!

Well, he said.
Are you unable to see her in your little sister then?

And that was it.
You know those moments when someone turns the light switch on for you?
When before you were standing in the darkness of confusion,
and with a simple piece of knowledge, you become
I L L U M I N A T E D.

That was my moments of illumination today.
Of being a funny old duck, and
of suddenly realising that I wasn’t seeing my little sister as a true sister, an equal in the temple of Aphrodite. I still want to protect her from the world, and yet I know she is a warrior goddess in her own right.

So to wisdom growing,
illuminating friends,
and aphrodite sisters,
I honour today.



wanted to send out candle light and healing thoughts to my lecturer’s wife tonight. they are two remarkable, passionate intellectuals whose love shines.