Sweet beautiful deb

told me of an exercise to do


when you lay down to sleep

think one thing of the day that you are grateful for

even if it is a bad day, and you cannot think of one good thing

think “I am grateful the day has ended and I am here.”

that way you will fall asleep thinking of those blessings in your life

and start to wake thinking of those things to be grateful for

it will grow in your mind so you begin to see life for its all little little blessings

a hot cup of tea, a good chat with a friend, a smooth day, everyday miracles

and the big blessings

love, friendships, hugs, life, breathing

you will see more beauty and gratefulness

just with simple awareness


so, this post is dedicated to dearest dear deb

i am immensly grateful for the wonderful experience that is her friendship

i love to watch her ~ she expends love in big purple and pink waves

Deb is always open for love and adventure!