Wildflowers, Tidbinbilla Sept 2004

Big talk this morning.

I cry big ugly tears and sob into the doona.

He holds me, takes my hand,

to the bathroom to wash my face,

rub my back

In the hallway we stand

him holding me for ever so long

and through my pain I want him to speak speak speak

he doesn’t though, just holds me

and then I listened

I felt his heart pouring all the love into my body

him holding me like I was the most precious piece on earth

him loving me softly, strongly, passionately, gently, vibrantly

so much so my hands feel light

without words

I heard his heart

without words

mine began to mend

Then we went out to the sun filled living room

and lay on the floor with our love baby, our fur angel

in a circle of dear love

mending ~ loving ~ resting ~ growing

like wildflowers