I can not enunciate the profound effect Rebel had on my life.

He was my first “horse” after riding a lovely pony called Dawn for a couple of years.

Rebel was my first love ~ he was a best friend, a boyfriend, a companion, a work colleague, and my spirit brother. All contained within the most beautiful chestnut gelding.

He is old now, and out to pasture…

I will not ride him again…

but when I think of him my heart swells and my eyes well

so many secrets are held within his ears

so many fears and loves and dreams i told him

as we dawdled along paddocks, i would open my heart to him

and he would listen, just listen,

in that zen, comforting way only he knew how

he took care of me in danger

even when there was snakes and attacking dogs

he would not throw me off

he held me safe on his wide back

My Rebel…

has the most beautiful coloured fur ~ it glistens like golden umber fire in the sun

his mane is the colour of pumpkin scones ~ light gold… so many endless hours with my fingers interthreaded within it

he is goofy, with a wonderful sense of humour

he is patient and gentle, and holds children on him with such care

he snores when you pat him for long enough

he loves to cut cattle

his brand has a love heart in it

he had the most wonderful canter ~ like riding on clouds

so many hours of mustering cattle and discovering creeks with him

I honour the blessing of Rebel in my life.

My first love and my dearest old friend.