I’m super excited to share this interview I did with Tash Corbin
In this episode we talked about: 
  • Where my business originated from 
  • Where my love of eCourses came from and how they’ve impacted my business growth 
  • What triggered the closure of my wildly successful and profitable membership that had been going for nine years 
  • What I is focused on in terms of business growth, and how I makes sure that it’s maintained 
  • Whether I have always taken the approach of following my gut and not creating pressure to generate leads, or whether I’ve gone through phases of focusing on marketing, sales, etc. 
  • Where my epic boundaries came from and how I keep them 
  • What kind of team I have to help me 
  • If I’ve experienced money blocks with the amazing income I brings in 
  • What I’m offering now 
  • How I deal with the meanies in the online world 

This was SUCH a fun interview to do, the synergy between our energies was just *chef kiss* 

Listen HERE and enjoy! 

Big love,