It’s been a bonkerdoodles year… so much out of mine (or anyone’s control).

And I know I want to finish my year strongly, so I thought it was time to revisit my original Goals workbook for 2020, do a review of the goals I’ve set, and set some new ones too! After all: the research shows that setting goals & regularly reviewing them results in far more success!

I’m excited to get my new 2021 Goal Getter planners & workbooks… but first it’s time to complete 2020 as beautifully as I can.

In today’s episode, I share a few of my biggest goals from 2020. I cover a wide range of topics such as ethical investment decisions, travel plans, Christmas preparations, self-education courses, racial and social justice training, and progress on various business goals.

I also share my lovely reading journey; 75 books, babes! Yes! I set a new goal to read 100 books for the year and I share a comprehensive list of books I plan to read, showcasing a diverse range of genres and topics.

I’m determined to finish the year strongly and achieve as much as possible! I have art projects, a photo shoot, health goals and heaps of family fun goals I want to achieve before the end of the year. There is SO much to share!

Righto… here’s a roundup of my 2020 goals below! (If they’ve been crossed out, they are already done!) Grab a cozy spot, and join me today!

Leonie Dawson’s 2020 Goals Review [0:00]
Personal Health, Family, and House Goals [2:01]
Personal and Philanthropic Goals, Gardening, and Money Goals [5:25]
Ethical Superannuation and Investment [9:53]


  • Finish red watercolour journal
  • Finish art journal circle
  • Do a photoshoot (with me as photographer!)
  • Make a painting of a goddess
  • Do abstract course
  • Completely fill out Life goals workbook
  • Complete “Hand Lettering Ledger”
  • Finish blue art journal


  • Get healthier (it’s happening!)
  • Get more active (it’s happening!)
  • Go kayaking on river (did one better! Hired a boat & drove that motherfucker myself! HO HO HO!)
  • Ecstatic dance class
  • Teeth checkup
  • Walk The Camino (digitally)
  • Skin cancer clinic
  • Get new frameless readers and bifocals
  • Pilates class
  • Loud sex
  • Book ultrasound


  • Family photoshoot
  • Get new wills done – waiting on new company setup – might have to be moved to next year
  • Get kids swimming
  • Get kids bike riding well
  • Get Mermaid Daughter #2 settled into school
  • Get Mermaid Daughter #2’s ears sorted


  • Continue decluttering
  • Continue house painting
  • Get rugs and carpets cleaned
  • Paint trims and inside doors
  • Varnish doors
  • Paint office exterior
  • Finishing touches on verandah
  • Demo verandah wall


  • Donate $25,000 to Australian Wildlife Conservancy
  • Blog post on Climate Crisis resources
  • Blog post about my racial justice awakening
  • Get solar power working well
  • Do gardening workshop (got a Vegepod instead & it’s working super well!)
  • Install solar whirlybirds


  • Increase networth to $X
  • Invest in another property?
  • Move to ethical super
  • Invest in ethical managed funds
  • Put more $$$ in ethical managed funds


  • Rainbow Beach or Tin Can Bay
  • Take the Noosa River ferry
  • Take my birthday holiday
  • Go to Noosa National Park
  • Check out dog kennels for Angel (probably not during Covid times!)
  • Go on a holiday (probably not during Covid times!)
  • Pizza cruise with girls (nope, not during Covid times!)
  • Daggy dance night with girls @ RSL (nope, not during Covid times!)
  • Gladys and Harry Spring forest walk
  • Go to Maleny
  • Eumundi markets (nope, not during Covid times!)
  • Australia Zoo
  • Collect shells at beach


  • Have all presents ready by end of November
  • Print album for year
  • Christmas cards & Christmas letter


  • Tara Brach course
  • Tara Brach course #2
  • Tara Brach course #3
  • Pema Chodron course
  • Pema Chodron course #2
  • Thich Nhat Hanh course


  • Rachel Rickett’s course
  • Adaway Group’s Whiteness At Work
  • Hard Conversations
  • Rachel Cargle’s Unpacking White Feminism
  • Ericka Hart Gender 101
  • Ericka Hart Racism 101
  • Introduction To Culturally Inclusive Language – Louise O’Reilly


  • Funnel for Course course
  • Funnel for Book course
  • Create new marketing course
  • Add more hand drawn elements to Canva
  • Do a “Big Bleed Day”
  • Ask for case studies to showcase in webinars
  • Do 40 podcast interviews (currently up to 37)
  • Be on the cover of Profile mag
  • Put best blog posts on Medium
  • Write trashy novella and sell on Amazon
  • Webinar and ads for Money course
  • Put celeb gossip websites on my banned list
  • Completely finish Biz workbook
  • Type up 2 x 100 goals in text document
  • Create a mastermind again
  • Create monthly task to update plugins
  • 52 Mailing list emails
  • Launch new website
  • Cancel social media schedulers
  • Create SOP’s for creating Kajabi course
  • Create SOP’s for launching courses
  • Get Zita to do call reminder announcements
  • Ask Zita where customers get stuck and make plan to fix
  • Send Thank you cards to loyal customers
  • Create great affirming screensaver
  • Shut down My Shining Year social media
  • Monthly mastermind calls
  • Start a podcast 
  • Create easy access folder for tax receipts
  • Check on insurances


This year I’ve already read 75 books – it’s way down from last year’s record which was 400 books (!)

During lockdown, I found my brain just couldn’t read anything of length. I’m back into reading now, but am not going as fast as I was. There seems to be a cognitive load because of that whole pandemic thang!

My new goal is to hit 100 books for the year – 25 to read in the next 2.5 months!

Here’s my unread book pile that I’d like to start rolling through:

  1. Read “Money School”
  2. Read “The Content Code”
  3. Read “Rich Dad’s Guide To Investing”
  4. Read “Dummies Guide To Getting Started in Shares”
  5. Read “Outrageous Advertising”
  6. Read “Getting Everything You Want…” – Jay Abrahams
  7. Read “Ultimate Marketing Plan”
  8. Read “Invisible Selling Machine”
  9. Read “Launch”
  10. Read “Millionaire”
  11. Read “Growing Up Aboriginal In Australia”
  12. Read “1 Page Marketing Plan”
  13. Read “How Google Works”
  14. Read “Happy Customers Everywhere”
  15. Read “Smarter Faster Cheaper”
  16. Read “I’m Not Racist But…”
  17. Read “Rich Habits Poor Habits”
  18. Read “Exposed”
  19. Read “Man’s Search for Meaning”
  20. Read “Business For Beginners”
  21. Read “The Power of Visual Storytelling”
  22. Read “The Copywriter’s Handbook”
  23. Read “The Sales Bible”
  24. Read “Unthinking”
  25. Read “What Clients Love”
  26. Read “Barefoot Investor For Families”
  27. Read “Ultimate Sales Letter”
  28. Read “10 Best Ever Anxiety Management Techniques”
  29. Read “The Good Hustle”
  30. Read “The Nuclear Effect”
  31. Read “Fast Exercise”
  32. Read “Dot Com Secrets”
  33. Read “Invisible Selling Machine”
  34. Read “The Cake Maker’s Wish”
  35. Read “White Tears/Brown Scars”
  36. Re-read “Me & White Supremacy”
  37. Re-read “You Should Test That!”
  38. Read “Seize The Yay”
  39. Read “Gender: A Graphic Guide”
  40. Read “Sex is A Funny Word”
  41. Read “Feminism: A Graphic Guide”
  42. Read “Amazons, Abolitionsts & Activists”
  43. Re-read “The Four Hour Work Week”
  44. Read “This One Wild And Precious Life”
  45. Read “How Powerful We Are”
  46. Read “The Sales Funnel Book”
  47. Read “Traffic Secrets”
  48. Read “This Book Is Anti-Racist”
  49. Read “Pulling Profits Out Of A Hat”
  50. Read “Expert Secrets”
  51. Read “Work The System”
  52. Read “Almost Alchemy”
  53. Read “The Sustainable House Handbook”
  54. Read “From Cluttered Mess To Organised Success”
  55. Read “Copywriting Secrets”
  56. Read “Billionaire In Training”
  57. Read “Social Media Marketing For Dummies”
  58. Read “30 Days”
  59. Read “No BS Price Strategy
  60. Read “No BS Ruthless Management”
  61. Read “The Twelfth Angel”
  62. Read “On Writing” by Stephen King
  63. Read “Wild Ocean”
  64. Read “How To Love” – Thich Nhat Hanh
  65. Read “The Home Edit”
  66. Read “The Best We Could Do” – Thi Bui
  67. Read “Make ‘Em Laugh And Take Their Money”
  68. Read “The Invisible Touch” – Beckwith
  69. Read “100 Ideas That Shaped Advertising”
  70. Read “Protecting the Gift”
  71. Read “Heart Stopper”
  72. Read “New Kid”
  73. Read “The Real Cost of Prisons”
  74. Read “Race To Incarcerate”
  75. Read “Introducing Family Psychology”
  76. Read “Rich Brother, Rich Sister”
  77. Read “13 Original Clan Mothers”
  78. Read “Antagonists, Advocates and Allies”
  79. Read “Blossoms and Bones”
  80. Read “A Bone of Fact”
  81. Read “The Making of MONA”
  82. Read “Phosphorescence”
  83. Read “Status Anxiety”


  1. Read “Girl Stuff”
  2. Read “Bad Nana”
  3. Read “Tomato Sauce Of Course”
  4. Read “Crikey!”
  5. Read “Hilda and the Hidden People”
  6. Read “The Midnight Gang”
  7. Read “Danny Best”
  8. Read “Tom Gates”
  9. Read “Madam CJ Walker”
  10. Read “The Anti Princess Club #1”
  11. Read “Geronimo Stilton Christmas”
  12. Read “Return to the 100 Acre Wood”
  13. Read “Horse Crazy”
  14. Read “Ada Lovelace”
  15. Read “Rosie The Riveter”
  16. Read “I Said No”
  17. Read “Do You Have A Secret?”
  18. Read “The Amazing True Story of how Babies are made”
  19. Read “No Means No”
  20. Read “Let’s Talk About Consent Body Boundaries and Respect”
  21. Read “Some Secrets Should Never Be Kept”
  22. Read “Grandpa, Me & Poetry”

I don’t think I’ll get through all the books in the next couple of months… but I’ll do my dinglydarn doodliest!

If you’ve got 2020 goals that haven’t come true yet… don’t give up!

You still have two and a half months to make the most out of!

You’ve got this!
Big love,