Hola divine spunkamonkies,

Here I am.

In my old farmhouse again. The same smell of the sea breeze at night. The same wild energy. The same town, the same roads.

But everything that is old is new again for me.

I’m home again.

I want to have filled this post with photos, but that must wait. The cameras will arrive with my love in a few days. As it is, I am typing to you in the dim of my old bedroom, my daughter asleep just across from me. There is only a night light on, and I am tap-tap-tapping away to you in pyjamas, accessing the internet via farm satellite and a big two metre pole sitting beside me (I kid you not). My big sister & mama are at yoga, and my Great Big Burly Bushman Dad is downstairs taming a cat. My love is still in the alps, preparing to drive across the country starting tomorrow with his own daddy-kins and the Two Very Fluffy Puppy Dogs.

But I wanted to tell you I am here. We are here. We are safe and well and joyful.
We are also hot (having gone from alpine cold cold winter to tropical paradise this is a joke of a winter and much more like summer!) and have moments of overwhelm and ZOMG WE’VE REALLY DONE IT.

But we are here.

Finding our faith.
Practising how to Trust.
Doing a good-enough job at Allowing.
Most definitely Feeling It ALL.
and opening ourselves big enough to hold the miracles of this world.

S  T  R  E  T  C  H.

I love you, I believe in you,