Hola divine hottie!!

Ooooohsies! Time to peek into each other’s bookshelves!

What are you reading right now and what’s on your reading radar?

Whether you are reading books in the sunshine with freckles aplomb, or curling up here in the southern hemisphere… Leonie wants to book perve!


The Attachment Parenting Book

This one is a life saver. It really is.

Non-annoying. Thoughtful. A gentle, loving way to parent… and also not burnout as a parent.

I am so, so, so glad I read this book. I wish I’d read this one before Little Mermaid came… but that’s okay. All in perfect timing.

The One Minute Millionaire

This booky wooky is now in my top three fave finance/business books. It’s got two books in it: a novel & practical non-fiction guide. Even if you just read the novel, it’s uber enough.


Momma Zen

I started reading this one yesterday. On average, I cry every 12 to 13 pages.

You know when you start reading a book and you never want it to end?

This is one of those for me.

The perfect manual for the soul of this newborn mama.

To Read

Non-Violent Communication, A Language of Life: Create Your Life, Your Relationships and Your World in Harmony with Your Values

Confession: I want to not suck at communicating when I’m tired, cranky, emotional or upset.

I’ve heard really good things about this book, so it’s awaiting patiently on my shelf for me.

Still Life: Thoughts of a Man Hurredly Going Nowhere by Richard Stubbs

This book is out of print and ding dang hard to find. In fact, I can’t find one picture of it on the interwebs. What the? I thought EVERYTHING was on the interwebs!

Richard Stubbs is an Aussie comedian,  & I found this book at our library a few years ago. For the next two days proceeded to drive Chris bonkersaurus by guffawing loudly every two pages and saying HA HA OMG YOU HAVE TO READ THIS! Even now, I still quote from it and say to Chris REMEMBER THAT STORY FROM THE RICHARD STUBBS BOOK?? THE ONE YOU NEVER READ BUT KNOW ALL THE JOKES FROM?? HA HA HA SOOOOOO FUNNEEEEEEEE!

And this is how good a man Chris is:

Last night, I thought about that book again, and started laughing, and Chris said to me:

Hon, you love that book so much, why don’t you try and find a copy to take with us when we move?

ZOMG. So I managed to find a secondhand copy online at my midnight breastaurant opening hour, and it is winging its way to me as we type.

Dood is in for a world of listening to me gigglesnort. Yippee!

So dat’s what has been orbitting in my book world lately… A bit of development, a tad of mamahood and a touch of silly. Just perfect!

Now please indulge my bookaphile tendancies and tell me what tomes you’ve been grasping! 🙂

big love,