Once upon a time, in a parallel universe, Leonie used to work in finance.

In a government department.

I know… hilarious, right?

It was like being a unicorn in suburbia.

Anyhewsles, I used to joke that I was there on a secret mission to inject glitter right into the centre of the government monster. But maybe I wasn’t joking.

During my time there, I managed to do oracle card readings, hang cute drawings of angels over everyone’s cubicles, hug the division managers and have line-ups for my shoulder massages. Mission: successful.

So, I do have a point here… Apart from doing my secret-unicorn-glitter-mission, I did normal work too. Funny things called quarterly reports and traffic light reports and budget thingmajiggies. And a whole bundle of a thing called QA – Quality Assurance.

Excuse me while I… *snorrrrre* oh, woopsie daisy! I just fell asleep 😉

Leonie is so heart-glad to be working full time as a goddess now… not just a goddess masquerading as a public servant.

Anyways, so when I typed QA back there in the title, I had a finance reporting flashback. Please hold me.

My point – and I do have one – is it’s QA time! But this time it’s just me answering all your questions that have been cropping up about the Creative Goddess e-course I’m running at the end of this month.

So if you’re not really interested, here is the time for you to go make yourself a big mug o’ hot chocolate/chai/celestial seasonings 😉

hokay! onto the question-makin!

I’ve already taken this course – can I sign up to do the circle again?

Yes you can – choose the Upgrade option on the enrolment page, and you get it for just over half price.

Can you tell me the benefits of re-enrolling again? I finished the Creative Goddess course a couple of months ago.

Guten question, divine hottie!

All the courses at Goddess School are now wrapped up. For the last six months or so, my dear friend & goddess sister Sone was running the Goddess School circles for me so I could concentrate on becoming a mama. I absolutely couldn’t have done it without her… and am so grateful that Goddess School was able to continue so goddesses could keep on circling & doing this gorgeous goddess work.

And now I’m ready to run the circles again. So when you re-enrol, you get access to the private Creative Goddess Circle for the six weeks. You’ll get to connect with me ~ and I share as much insights and goddess wisdom as I can in the circle with each goddess. And you’ll also get to connect with more goddesses on the journey.

For me, circles are the thing that change the world. I know my life is incredibly richer and more beautiful for having womens circles in them… whenever women circle, miracles happen.

So that’s what I’m dedicated to creating for women, wherever they are. Because we all need a place to come home to. We all need women sisters. We all need miracles.


When is the next creative goddess course being run?

Not for another three months or more, me thinks. Actually, probably muchos more than that – in three months, we’ll be moving across the countryside to our homelands… so it will be a while after that.

So at this stage, the answer is living in unknownsville. If you can make it for this circle, hurrah! If not, hopefully our timing planets will align at some stage 🙂

How much time do I have to dedicate each week to this course?

At minimum I would suggest the course would take two hours a week – but that can be split into 30 minute blocks to integrate into your days. Also, if you find you still don’t have the time, you can access all the course materials for six months so you can take a month to complete a week if you need to. The six 30 minute meditations are worth more than the price of the course – esven if you just use these

you will get so much value out of them – they are transformational, healing and creativity-inducing all on their own.

And if you’re wanting to know what other goddesses have experienced from this course… here’s what they have said:

“I would really like to express my appreciation to you for the 6-week Creative Goddess Course. I think it is one of the most wonderful things I have allowed myself to do in many years. The course released so many things in me, and I am so pleased and grateful that I actually followed through on it for the duration. Your meditations are so beautiful, and I listen to them often, usually before I go to sleep. And watching you in your videos not only helped creatively, but inspired me in the sense of a “way of being” that I had clamped down within myself for a very long time. So to you and all the beautiful creative goddess-sisters I have met in circle, thank you so much.”

– Goddess Donna

“Today I did project one from week one of the Creative Goddess e-course. I just wanted to let you know that I am in love with what I created, and I feel as if I have already gotten my money’s worth! You are an amazing teacher, and filled my heart with happiness and peace the second you started talking.”

– Goddess Katrina A

“I dont even know if I can put words to what the experience has been for me – it was life changing! During the space of the workshop I saw my energy shifting and my soul shining. It unlocked a deep sacred knowledge that I found most profound. I was reminded of how much I love to paint. I was reminded of how much I love connecting with other women in sacred space. I was reminded of how much I love the land. I reconnected with the true me! You are Wise Woman. Healer. Guide. Sacred Teacher. All of this and more. Thank you for allowing me to participate in this experience.”

– Goddess Sonya

I hope these help somewhat dearheart in answering any questions or doubts you may have… Do let me know if you have any more questions. 🙂

The next Creative Goddess course starts this Sunday May 30 :: only a couple of days left to enrol to be a part of six weeks of meditating, creative projects, wisdom + sparkling inspiration.

For more essential info + to enrol + to check out the new scrummy handdrawn page, head over to this page.

Today is scrumptious! Let’s go out and eat it! 😀

love you big,