Our celebration days are

filled with this one:

and this one:

Sunbaker Charlie… all he needs is a bikini now & Pina Colada…

and a new candle from my love… scented with frankincense & myrrh!

and finally finishing my bathroom divine-declutter & making some new gorgeous nooks in there…

One of my love’s paintings & an IMAGINE bracelet…

and EEEEEEE! BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT FOR LITTLE MERMAID EVER!!!! My sweet lil sis sent a baby’s closet of rainbow tie dyed goodies!!!!! These make me so very, very happy. The colours feel so very healing…

and a gorgeous message from a goddess who was gifted this commission for Christmas… I *LOVED* making it for her 🙂

and a belly becoming fuller:

and more puppies napping… and some new rainbow pois for my love…

and new favourite things… a book I am utterly adoring (and I get *so* excited seeing my photo of the lovely author Goddess Lucy on the cover!), my love’s meditation beads & scented light goodness…

and getting to attend my family’s gift unwrapping ceremony by Skype:

And I have to explain this photo…

And the funniest part of all… Dad was Secret Santa for my lil sister Mooky. She got a HUGE, heavy box… and opened it to find a box for a generator. I mean, we know my Dad likes technical, practical stuff… but a generator??? And she opens the box… and in it, there is another box, and a brick. And then another box. Twenty boxes later… my dad has managed to pull the mother of all surprises… and there is a beautiful wooden statue of a spirit warrior, with sacred symbols all over it.


It’s a Christmas miracle 😀

And of course… our Holy Days are filled with so much love:

It’s been quiet, and filled with just our little heart-family being together. In years to come, we’ll be back surrounded by our families in our heartland… but for right now, right here is just perfect.

And in my usual summer solstice style, I’ve been jumped upon by the Creative Muse… and have been writing & painting up a goddess storm. I’m *so* excited to announce that in the next day or so I’m going to be launching the 2010: Creating Your Goddess Year Planner & Workbook! It’s totally handwritten, illustrated & painted… worksheets for you to print out and work through to set your intentions, create, dream, grow & plan an amazing new year. I adore using this time of year to start dreaming up just how beautiful the new year can be… so I made this planner & workbook because it’s all the things I wanted. I’m going to print out my own copy to work through over New Year, me thinks. 😀 There’s something in me that gets ridiculously excited over planning & dreaming & making those big dreams happen.

*happy sigh*

All in all… this is a beautiful time of year.

Tomorrow we’re off to the art gallery with friends, and a picnic by the river…

Tonight I sleep next to a big bowl of crystals, my merman love and a hundred thousand angels.

Yus… it really is holy days. But when is not a holy day?

How has your celebration season been so far, darlinghearts?

Everyday in every way, you are becoming more and more beautiful,