Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

May I have a rather large WAHOOOOOOOO!?

After getting jumped on by the Muse Fairy four days ago… with the insistence I needed to create a workbook to plan an inspiring year & make it happen.

So I listened diligently to them and took notes… hee hee hee.

I love when creating is more like taking dictation from Great Spirit than trying to force something out.

I have to remember over and over again… that all I need to do is have faith, and turn up, and listen to just how spirit needs to speak through me.

I so believe that each of us has a gift, an essence, that needs to be shared.

And that we don’t need to look to find out how others are doing it… we just need to find the voice inside us. The voice of soul.

So, even though I was apparently not going to be creating anything for a little while… this little gift of an idea came to me on a Wednesday, and was so full and lush already – it already knew what it wanted to be. So all I needed to do was just let it come through.

So what is IT, exactly?

I like being that Goddess of Big Dreams And Making Them Happen.

I so believe there are two parts in creation… one is in the seed of an idea, and the other is in tending to it, and giving it energy. The ethereal spiritual elements and the grounding practical parts of it coming together.

Over the years, I’ve seen how much this has fed my life.

Having both that spirit calling & that physical action to make a dream come true.

I fell in love at first sight, and had the courage to ask the love of my life out on a date.

I thought I might want to self publish a book when I was 22. A month later, I did it.

I dreamed about meeting India. Then, two years ago, I made it come true – my love, two sisters, my mama & I spent a month travelling India together.

Eighteen months ago, I dreamed that I could turn my little art hobby into a thriving enterprise that sustained and nourished me abundantly. And that dreamed came true. Because of that dream, we were able to buy my grandmother’s cottage to keep it for her, and when we have our Little Mermaid, I won’t need to go back to work.

I dreamed up & made happen e-courses, retreats, meditations and books.

I’ve even managed to manifest & make happen Crystalbrook Retreat – a spiritual community with acreages that will, in a few years, have a retreat centre where I’ll be able to run my own retreats & have spiritual teachers from all over the world come to teach at as well.

It’s an amazing thing to dream… and even more profound to make them come true.

So I wanted to create something – for me, for all of us – that we could use to set our intentions, plan, cultivate & grow our amazing next year.

The new year feels like the perfect time… for reflection, celebration & closure of the last year of our journeys… and delectable clarity, intention-setting, glorious goal-making & joy for our year ahead.

What is it that we want to create during the next four seasons as we travel around Father Sun again?

What magic do we want to make, joy do we want to feel, journeys do we want to take?

I put in this book all the tools I use to dream big dreams & make them happen… and so hope they will help, guide & sustain you as you walk your amazing path.

We all have beautiful things to share with this world… and so much love and joy to experience… and I so hope this can be a wonderful help for you.

I believe and know there are so many good things ahead… and that 2010 will bring us all the beautiful gifts, magic, medicine, lessons & blessings we need.

And I’m cracking up here… because I just realised I was going to sign off and be all “love you long time!”… and not even tell you about the kit I’ve just spent the last four days making!

The kit is the 2010: Creating My Goddess Year Workbook & Planner… 40 pages of worksheets & guidance to help you dream, plan, grow & make happen your year of inspiring.

I’ve made it as cheap as I could – to make it as easy as possible for you to get & use…

And hilariously enough… first thing I’m doing tomorrow? Once I’ve had some relaxathon with my sweetie? Making a sweet little binder & printing out my own copy to fill out. It must be my inner Virgo or something… planning & setting intentions. I know 2010 is going to be a big year for me… with Little Mermaid arriving & transitioning from work & all that stuff. I see it as like collecting and gathering all my tools and resources now… and giving myself a beautiful support system for all the moments ahead.

Hopefully I’ll get to do some blogging + sharing along the way of my planner coming together… and you can join in if you like too.

Whatever sings to your spirit is just perfect 🙂

Thank you, as always, for sharing this magical, shining journey with me.

And thank you for sharing this moment with me… as I release into the heavens the rainbow doves that came to visit me four days ago… and asked me to help others see them too…

I’ve been changed by this workbook already… and gladly offer it to the world, for those who are wanting rainbow doves.


{that’s the onomatopoeia for rainbow doves taking flight}

May you dream big dreams. May them come true. May this whole, beautiful world be touched by them.

big big love,