turning 24…

meeting friends for a sangria picnic…

eating a multitude of goodies and supping on italian sparkling wine & sangria…

laughing as the wind and rain and mother earth blew upon us, changing our mountaintop plans for a valley close by…

being surrounded with good people in a beautiful place…

at 10am I wondered off into the bush by myself,
raising my glass of redmagenta liquid to each of you,
sitting upon a fallen tree trunk,
soil heartbeat thumping through my soles,
my arms touching mother sky.
giving thanks, receiving love, sending energy
out into this beautiful world of ours.

we are all connected.

later, my love and i venture up to the mountaintop
to connect with the energy.
i sit in the earth for a while, {the very same earth you stand upon}
watching ants, breathing in the sweet oneness of air
{the very same air you inhale}
and i felt alive.

i stood
and opened my arms
to the valley
the rain sings my name

and the wind whispers dreams to me.

i thank you

after the mist has danced in my hair,
we make our way back down the mountain again…
we spend the afternoon in the sweet spirit quiet of a spiritualist centre,
i cry on the phone to a dear friend as the sky transforms to twilight,
and my sister sings me hi-5’s happy birthday song.

and that, my friends,
is how i turned

in love and light
Leonie JourneyWoman