Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Want to find out:

  • how to make friends easily & quickly (even if you’re an introvert!)?
  • how to make your BIG dreams happen
  • what you need to do to have an amazing day
  • what the secret is to creating gorgeous gatherings
  • and the reason why I started leading women’s circles at the (fairly young) age of 23?

Then you need to listen to this podcast episode!

It’s only just over 10 minutes long (easy peasy mate!) & was recorded LIVE in my ancient blogging fig tree (YES! I found my cahones after the Snake Incident & clambered back up there!)

It’s also got a pretty stellar new opening jingle too now, thanks to Fiverr! Wahoo!!!!


Download using this link.

Want to listen to some more? Here’s the first two episodes of the Goddess Guidebook podcast:

You can also subscribe to the Podcast in the iTunes store too!

I so hope this knocks your socks off with love and light and goodness…

You DESERVE some miracles, gorgeous one!!!

P.S. If this clanged a magical Tibetan bell in you, can you please share it along so it can keep on finding the people it needs to speak to? THANK YOU FOREVER MY BFFFFFFFF!!!! Big love!!!