Hola my dearest Goddesses,

I’ve been out at the farm making videos all day & running around after a Very Cute Baby & a Very Long To Do List.

And this was supposed to be all brilliant & magical & smart.

And I was supposed to write it roughly 28 days ago.

And I haven’t yet.

Because of that whole needing to make it perfect thang.

But I need to tell you about it, and if I wait for perfection & a lightbeam of brilliance from heaven… it will be way too long away.

I just want to send miracles OUT into the world, ya know?

No over-obsessing about stuff!

So here goes!

The Thing I Need To Tell You

There will be FOUR circles running for each of my e-courses very very soon.

This means that you’ll get to work through my e-courses (whatever one calls to you) with a tribe of goddess sisters at the same time.

It means you’ll get a tremendous amount of support & sisterhood & impetus to actually FINISH it & derive a super duper amount of extra goodness out of the course.

You can do one or two or all of the e-courses:

  • Radiant Goddess e-course: Perfect if you are wanting to stop feeling sluggish in your body & really want to start feeling RADIANT instead!!!
  • Creative Goddess e-course: If you’re ahankering to get more creative, this course is bloody awesome. Also the perfect “Beginner” Goddess course & my most super popular one.
  • Creating Your Goddess Haven e-course: Declutter & decorate & make divine your house. Make it a sanctuary, ya know? Also includes brilliant space clearing tips.
  • Business Goddess e-course: If you’re wanting to start your own creative/spiritual business, or really grow & build the one you already have, this e-course is a HUGE boost of marketing mojo & business smarts & tons of actionable stuff to DO RIGHT NOW.

When do the circles begin?

July 30.

How do I sign up?

Become a Goddess Circle member. And you’ll of course get everything else included in the membership too!

AND payment plans are still available here.

And do go and check out the new beautiful testimonials from goddesses who are sharing about the miracles that the Goddess Circle has brought into their lives. It just fills my heart.


That’s all I needed to share.

Can we please form a support group called Perfectionists Anonymous so that we can get over ourselves more often & just dooooeeeeeeeeet already? Share what’s inside us?

I feel all creatively constipated when I try and make it perfect.

When really, all it needs to do is flow.

(ho ho ho!)

Off to bed I go!!!!

All my love, The Creative Enema-ed,

P.S. If I managed to make that all sound mega confusing, or if you have any questions at all, can you please email me, and me or my darling support goddess Marissa will be uuuuuber happy to help 🙂