Hola love-bears and courage-beams,

I’m just love love loving all these glorious questions I’ve been able to answer lately, and this week’s question really fits in nicely with what I’m doing in the rest of my life — spending muchos time with my beautiful girls, finding our groove as a family of four while my wonderful team keeps Leonie Dawson HQ powering along.

So let’s jump in with both feet, darlings!

Here’s this week’s muchos important staffing question:

Hiring someone to be a part of my business is DEFINITELY a challenge for me! I still like thinking of it all like it’s my fairy land and it’s happening by my magic wand and it’s all on my own. (Pride alert!) But I know I need to share my baby with others. It takes a village to have a successful biz just as much as it takes a village to have a child. So, you trigger me big time with your six-figure team waving flag, yet I know it’s necessary. So, could you talk about how the heck you would take the step to be willing to share your precious creation with others and to trust them enough to do so and trust yourself not to F-it-up in your relationship with them and through the business as well?

Hooo-eeey!  Being in baby land right now, I have this deep understanding of this question on so many levels! When you become a mum for the first time, your first thought is like — Ohmygawd I have this precious, precious thing, and I have to DO IT ALL. I can’t let anyone else help me because I’m the MOTHER!

I heard somebody talk about her first weeks of being a mum as becoming a ZOMBIE LOVE SLAVE. Because you are so tired, and so in love, and still SO CONVINCED that nobody else can help you!

And then, hopefully you get over some of those whackadoodle hormones pretty quickly and learn to accept some help from your partner or your friends or your family soon because yes, you are the mother, but that doesn’t mean you have to do it all!


I’m SO much more cognizant of that this time around in mamahood. If I do it all myself in taking care of Mermaid Daughter #2, I’m going to burn to a crisp pretty damn fast. There ain’t no pride or joy or glory in that. It’ll hurt me, and it’ll hurt Mermaid Daughter #2.

And it’s the same with your biz.

You are the owner.  You are the creator. You are the vision and the light and the purpose and the values and the driving force and the passion behind this project. Wave that pride flag a little bit, goddess! You’ve built something amazing!

But that doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself.


And here’s the juicy secret: I know that everybody goes through this.  (And we don’t even have any whackadoodle hormones to blame!! We’re all just a little wacky.)

But, can I just tell you now that nobody hires their first employee as though it’ll be easy. Everybody faces this cliff, this leap of faith, this, oh, shit, I’ve got to get my shit together and I’ve got to hire someone.

You never feel ready. You never, ever feel ready. But there comes a point when you have to make the leap.

I remember when I hired my first assistant. It took me so long to work up the courage to send her an email to say, “Would you possibly be interested in maybe working for me?” Because I was just terrified.

I really kind of held that pride flag of — I’ve got it all under control. I do it all myself and I know everything that happens in my business. I knew every single client’s name and email.  I felt like, because I have the membership program, it was completely necessary for me to have it memorized – hundreds of people’s names and emails memorised.

If that’s not a bit crazy, I don’t know what is!

I had to find the courage to let go.

I needed to because it was doing my head in and it wasn’t helping anyone. It was burning me out big time, and I needed to make it much more sustainable.

Yes I had to let go of control, but I knew that in doing so, I was going to be able to help more people and to help in a much better way. My business improved SO much more when I did have that professional support behind me.

And that’s kind of the big AHA moment that I want you to hold onto – that by giving up control and accepting some help, you will be better serving your peeps.


Not all of us is really gifted at every single thing.

I was really good at being able to make sure that I answered all the emails within a certain period of time and all that sort of stuff.

I also needed to try and keep a lot of brain space available in order to grow my business and think strategically and work out the next phase ahead.

And when you’re in your inbox and when you’re at the coalface of your business 24/7, you just don’t have that brain space in order to be able to do that. You feel like you’re responding and reacting every single day.

By hiring people, what you’re doing is building yourself a sacred dreaming space so that you can think more strategically about your business and make sure that it’s being dealt with in the best, most efficient and wonderful, lovely way possible.

And that means bringing in other people.

There’s a wonderful book by Gay Hendricks called The Big Leap, and he talks about being in your “zone of genius.” Because there are things you can do, like maybe doing your books; and there are things you’re good at, say, answering emails to customers; and then there’s your ZONE OF GENIUS which is where you shine like the brilliant star you are!

And that is what people need you to be all the time, my love — your genius, shining star self.


So, to get there, you might have to find someone who is genius at numbers, or genius at answering emails in a loving way so that YOU can do your genius thang.

And here’s the biggest, ding dang deliciousest secret:

When you hire the right people, you don’t have to worry at all, because they will expand your business and your heart.

It’s been such a joy to have my team. They each bring something so precious. And you don’t have to worry about the trusting when you hire well. If you use the Six Figure Team system that is part of the Academy, you are going to find somebody who resonates with you and who gets you and who believes in you.

I’ve been so thoroughly, extraordinarily blessed that I have a team who loves my business as much as I do.

It’s still my baby and yet it just gets lovingly tended to by even extra care so that it can flourish and thrive and grow in an even bigger way.

So don’t worry; everybody has the freak out. And you will get over it. It is a leap of faith; but in one year’s time, you will feel completely different about this experience and you’ll be so grateful that you took the leap to hire.


Your business needs even bigger wings to take on the world.

I know you can do it, love.

So much love to you!

To your dreams and vision,


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