Hola love muffins,

Oi. Stop checking Facebook, picking your nose, answering emails, wondering what to cook for dinner while you read this.

Stop thinking of a hundred million other things. Just do this one thing.

Just read. Just be here now.

Let’s talk focus. Let’s talk about how to cure yourself of distractions, and get focussed on your real shit.

Your big dream. The things you wish to create. Your business. Your book. Your art. Your dream life. Whatever it is you want to birth.

This week’s Q-diddly-doodle is all about FOCUS:

How can I stay more focused on my business vision?
How do I NOT get distracted by everything else that’s out there?

OK, lovebirds, let me tell you, this can be challenging for the best of us. There’s so much SHINY STUFF out there in Internet Land to distract us, even when we THINK we’re working, like…

  • Checking Facebook
  • Going to retweet some Twitterings
  • Checking Facebook
  • Googling something that ends up with you reading the Wikipedia life story of Dolly Parton (true story, it’s happened to me!)
  • Adding books to our ever growing list of books we MUST read
  • Checking Facebook
  • Rewriting our to do list

And it’s insidious because we feel like we’re working!  We’re networking! We’re doing that social media thang. Whatever it is.

But that kind of busy work isn’t moving you or your business or your dream forward.

So how do you get back to being uber focussed and on the right path?

First of all: kudos.

Good for you for being the conscious creator in your business. Good for you for wanting to stay even more focussed on your dream.

You have a dream inside you, and you want to help people.

So let’s start there.

Get your vision down on paper. Make it firm. Give it a planting in the real world.

The first thing ya gotta do is write that dream down into a vision statement. I created a mission and a vision statement of what I wanted the business to be that I refer to regularly using my workbook. There’s a good book by Cameron Herold called “Double Double” that encourages you to create a painted picture of your business, of what you want your business to be. I found that useful as another resource.

You can also use the questions in the Create Your Amazing Year in Business workbook, and really create a paragraph or two of that overarching thing that you are offering to the world and how you do business as well.

For me, I want my business to affect millions of people, and I want to help them have the most beautiful lives and business as possible, and I also want to do it in a way that creates joy and abundance for me and for all of my staff and for everybody who comes into my business.

That’s a picture of my essential biz tools: my vision as a dreamboard, my laptop (Pocahontas sticker from society6), my mission statement + biz plan in a PDF (I fill out the yearly workbook first, and then pop it into a PDF to share with my team) and my to do list book.

So I encourage you to connect in with the vision statement and make it real. Get it printed up, make it into a book, or create a poster and have it hanging in your office. Have it as something you can refer back to again and again.

Make sure that you are connecting in with your workbook answers on a fortnightly/monthly basis because that really helps to supercharge your dreams coming true.

When we stay more in connection with our dreams and our goals, the faster they manifest.


More Wonderful Ways to Focus on Your Biz Goals:

  1. Make a vision board.This is especially nice when you’re feeling the call to get out your paste pots and glitter! The Workbook has step-by-step instructions, but really this is a follow-your-soul type endeavor and whatever you come up with is ding dang perfect.
  2. Write a vision statement.Don’t worry about what it’s SUPPOSED to be, or say, or do.  You might ask yourself as a prompt, “What do I want my life and my biz and the WORLD to look like in the future?” just as a jumping off point. There’s no wrong way to do this.
  3. Print and hang up your favorite testimonials.
    Hang up those lovely emails, letters, notes that help you remember WHY you started this journey in the first place.
  4. Find an accountability partner.The Academy forums are perfect for this! Find a like-minded business goddess (she doesn’t have to be in your field! In fact you might get lots of sympa-ti-co juju from someone in an entirely different biz than yours) and set up weekly accountability emails or calls to help both of you stay on track.
  5. Announce a date.If part of your goals this year was to launch something or release something or build something or make something or do something — set the date and sing it from the mountaintops! Announce it to your tribe. That’ll get your hiney in gear! Sometimes public accountability is a great focuser!

And just as a cautionary tale here, panda bears: don’t censor your dreams.


Sometimes our big goals are to be financially independent, or to have the freedom to quit your bridge job, or to have a job that lets you travel the world — and you might feel a twinge of guilt for that.

Isn’t that greedy??  Shouldn’t I have some big noble change the world type goal?

Darlinghearts, your dreams are YOUR dreams, no one else’s.  If your goal is to live an extraordinary life, travel the world, have the resources to buy a bigger house or have different expensive pillows for every month of the year, DON’T JUDGE YOURSELF FOR THAT.

You get to want what you want.

Did you notice that part of my mission is creating abundance? Part of that is cold hard cash, lovelies, and I’m not going to deny it. I’ve talked before about how money is NOT the root of all evil. It’s all about how you use it. And if you want to make money with your biz, that’s a GOOD THING, panda!

There’s  nothing wrong with having a solid financial life as part of your vision, so don’t censor yourself there. Don’t talk yourself out of what you really want.


And at exactly the same time, I also believe in the bigger why.

You were put on this planet to achieve great things, there’s no doubt about it.

And creating abundance in your life might be part of it.

But I always believe there is a bigger why.

There’s something about what you do that lights you up. And if there’s not… Well, that’s a problem.

Because if your work doesn’t light you up, you’re not going to light up your peeps. You’re not going to attract your audience. You’re not going to find your tribe.

Your WHY is magnetic. People can feel it. They get pulled into it.

I truly believe that’s part of why this business has been so successful for me – because I’ve followed my heart, I’ve listened to my soul, and I’ve kept my big powerful WHY always at the heart of what I do.

I saw someone in a Facebook group (NOT our gorgeous Academy group!) a few weeks ago, and she was asking for advice on her fitness biz. She was saying, “I don’t love this method of weight loss, but it seems like that’s what everybody wants, so should I just go for it?”

The answer is a big ole NOPE.

If you don’t love it, how are you going to sell it?  People are going to FEEL that you’re not into it, and they’re going to go somewhere else and work with someone who IS into it.


So, wouldn’t it be easier to do what you DO love?

Bring your passion to your work, and your work will be amazing. Bring your why to what you do, and your tribe will follow you to the ends of the earth.

And THAT my lovelies is how you stay focused on your business vision.

Infuse every single thing you do — from emails to sales pages, from Facebook updates to coaching calls — with your big why and you will be on the path to success.


Become a monk to your dreams

Stay focussed on that thing you want to bring into the world.

Become a monk to your dreams. Don’t let your ego get in the way here hon.

It’s not about you. It’s about your service to the world. And you have to help as many people as you can.

So don’t worry about whether you are good enough. Don’t spend time thinking about how you should be a different person. Stop comparing yourself to every Tom, Dick and Henrietta out there.

You were born to be YOU.

You were born to do this big beautiful dream of yours.

That’s ALL you need to worry about.

Keep your focus there. Keep your focus on the people who are calling out for you, who need what you have.

They are out there. It is your job to turn up and find them.

Stay focussed, earth angel. The world needs you.

Your challenge for today…

Take a few minutes today to meditate on your vision, goddesses. You’ll feel so much clearer and ready to take on every mountain and mole hill that appears on your path.

So much love and light (and FOCUS) to you!



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