Hola gorgeous goddess!!!!

SO. I made this very silly, terribly filmed video about making a green smoothie a couple of weeks ago. It’s pretty much me filming me & Ostara around the kitchen making my favourite smoothie. I talk a bazillion miles an hour & I’m generally all round HILARIMO. Fine form.

And thought I’d share it on Facebookiewookie on a whim, with no intention of it ever seeing the daylight of blogworld.

But then people ding dang LOVED IT.

And I got 8.75 gabazillion emails saying:

  • how much they giggled
  • how stinking cute my co-star Ostara is (and how she kinda steals the show.)

and… here’s the most important part:

  • they’ve all since developed green smoothie ADDICTIONS.

And green smoothie addictions are very, very good things.

So my little homemade kitchen TV show has been deemed blogessential. Ze power of ze Goddess Green Smoothie must spread!

Goddess Green Smoothies are perfect for:

  • 3pm energy boostups
  • Super filling breakfasts
  • Anytime you are feeling rundown.

These smoothies will make you feel radiant like NOTHING ELSE. As I tell goddesses in my Radiant Goddess e-course: if you only do ONE thing to feel so much healthier with tonnes more energy, just drink one of these smoothies.

Oh & don’t be like me = when I first tried to make a green smoothie I made ze most foul blend of green onions and lettuce ever known to hit the planet. You should really try making something that is actually delicious. Because WHO KNEW? We actually have TASTE BUDS!


Anyways. Enjoy ze cute baby show.

And enjoy the bonus additions of:

  • me managing to talk about sex & periods in a kitchen show (I AM SO TALENTED)
  • the lovely soundtrack of Mower Repair Man Testing Out WhipperSnipper Next Door.

And if you’re needing, recipe for the Goddess Green Smoothie is here.

I really need to stop talking now because I’m in one of those moods where I could just keep typing forever. You know what I mean?


I just got packages from Book Depository today! A very happy day!

Can’t wait to curl up with this:

Green Smoothie in hand. Of course.

Pretty sure you’ll here my gigglesnorts across the oceans!!!

WOOOOO!!!! Foreverrrrrr love! Radiant Goddesses & gigglesnorts ACTIVATE!!!!!!