Gorgeous goddesses!


This beautiful world of ours keeps spinning so fast… I want to sit back with a big ole ceramic mug of perfectly steeped tea & celebrate the ding dang out of all that has been.


Let’s tip our glasses & reminisce on ze radiance!!!


A call for angels

I am so deeply blown away by the goddesses who heard the call. And who helped SO much in sharing the word along to the souls who needed it. Thank you my loves. Thank you from 16 year old me. And 106 year old me too. And the me right here and now.

The Best Baby Slings

My personal reviews (& adorable baby photos) of my favourite slings to use: Ergo, ring sling & that other one. You know the one I’m talking about. You do, right? It’s like you can read my mind!

How to make Social Media Profitable AND Sacred

The best thing about this Goddess TV episode?

I love hearing how it’s changed goddesses whole way of using social media – making it both more profitable and more pleasurable for them. Just from using a couple of tools & tweaking their planning.

YAY! We love that!

 The Top 10 Creativity & Writing Books

How to get your creative mojo flying. Peek into my bookcase at my most treasured tomes for all things artist & writer.

(And check out the amazing recommendations in the Comments of this baybee too. Guess who now has a box of books winging its way to her from Book Depository thanks to those Comments? I’ll give you a hint: her name begins with L. And rhymes with Meonie.)

 One Thing You Can Do Right Now To Discover The Goddess in You


One simple, ridunkulous exercise that will leave you feeling aglow.

In happy Goddess Land…

Me & O baby made her first daisy crown!

We welcomed our 1200th!!!! goddess into the Goddess Circle. Holy dingerfest! Sacred & wild dream come true! I celebrated by creating a whole new welcome area for new goddesses with new videos, the creation of small mentored goddess groups (and new meditation and resources on its way). What amazes me most about that space is how it keeps thriving and blooming and changing and growing in the most incredible of ways. We try to make it as incredible as we can for all goddesses in it!

My hunky love did the most amazing photoshoot of me at our local cemetary one incredible turquoise morning. I’m so in love with the photos he took. They are just the perfect combination of love + spirit + blazing azure.

(More photos over on Facebook if you wanted to dive deep!)

I’ve been seriously into watching reruns of my new fave show foreverrr Miranda. And Arrested Development. And Community. Also watched Hall Pass on our last in-home date night and looooved it.

I met up with a Goddess Circle sister & we became insta-friends. I love when that happens! What started as a coffee date on Monday quickly morphed into a full on artsy hippyfest on the farm on Thursday. Oracle card readings & shamanic healings under the tree (with doggy healing licks included) & a faery photo session & art on the floor with baby girl smearing pastels everywhere.

In a word: flipping radiant. Just what I needed.

Jewel is a magical artist… and look how faery she is!!!!!

What’s Coming!!!

Seriously… what ISN’T coming…? here’s what’s in the works here at Goddess Land!


I’m interviewing a bazillion incredible teachers on creativity, spirituality and business… all to be shared FREE in October. It’s my biggest, most ridunkulous project yet. And I’m in love.


You heard it here first, dearests. Me & Kyeli from Connection Revolution are starting a revolutionary podcast made entirely out of belly laughter, ocean tears, soft secrets & deep goddess wisdom.


I don’t know what to say about this. Except my angels keep on bugging me and telling me very insistently that I have to do something with this. And I’m all… haven’t you seen I’m already doing the World’s BIGGEST Summit? AND running this wild donkey goddess business? AND being a mama?

But they keep telling me it must happen. And so it will.

Stay tuned! Let’s see where the angels (and donkeys) take me!!!


Like, the one you hold in your hands. It’s coming. It’s with an editor goddess as we speak. I wanted something to sell at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival, so I thought “Oh you know what? I’ll do a book!”

I think I’ll make a limited number available for sale online too, and nicely pester my hunky love into packaging and sending them off for me. HE IS SOOOO LUCKY.



Encrusted with glitter, imbued with love.

May you always know just how magical you are, dearest.

How loved you are.

How alight you truly are.

Your spirit shines.

Love, turquoise & tea,