Hola gorgeous hearts,

Yus, we’ve heard from every groovy dude & his doggy about how Social Media Is Important For Business.

But for all its connecting & getting-the-message-out joys, it has a really challenging side too.

It is so so SO easy to get sucked into Social Media Time Warp.

It is so so easy to get drained & burnt out.

It is so so easy to lose sight of your intention & why you are there in the first place.

It is so so easy to lose yourself in the process.

And it’s so easy for that lovely thing that was supposed to bring you joy & money – to instead lose you money, time & your mojo.

So I made you a video dearest heart.

Learn how to make social media sacred & profitable for you.

(Pssst, secwet time… this is not just for business owners. The lessons inside are TOTALLY applicable to every sweet soul who plays with social media. We ALL get burnt out/frazzled/lost from it.)

And here’s a challenge for you dearest heart:

Over the next week, what do you want to feel when you interact with social media?

And what do you want to create?

Write it down, and bring that intention with you whenever you use it.

If this is helpful to your soul dearest, please do share it along with other beautiful ones who might be needing to hear it… via social media (bwahahahaha!!! LOVE!!!!)

I’m wishing you deep, bountiful and joyous amounts of energy, gratitude & love.

You deserve it ALL, sweet sister.

All my love,