Hola gorgeous souls,


So you’ve written your lists, made your resolution, maybe even filled out your workbook.

The place we fail in our resolutions

We don’t remember to make our goals into concrete action.

Our brains just don’t have the capacity to walk through each day trying to remember our intentions and goals.

So how do you actually remember them? And then make them come true?

Here’s the secret:

Turn your resolutions into a SYSTEM.

Say what?

What is this hippy speaking of? Accountability? Left brained planning? SYSTEMS?

Yup. This messy, tie-dyed goddess is a big believer in supporting your right brained dreams with savvy left brained smartness and systems.

And systems CAN be creative!


A Weekly System For Your Goals

So we need to make them a system. Simple reminders to keep us heading in the direction of our goals.

And make each day a ritual day :: a day that holds one of your intentions!

You’ll then make sure you use that day of the week to fulfil your goal.

Make sure you write your ritual days down… EVERYWHERE.

On every calendar in your house! On your iphone! On your Stickies!

Get SO used to them that you know every one by heart!


Here’s how I do mine:

Intention MONDAY

One of my goals this year is to be more strategic in my business and life. To stay clean and clear and have clarity. To make plans. To not get distracted by shiny things. To consciously sit with myself, check in with my needs and where I am heading.

So I do this on Monday to set the groundwork for the rest of the week.

How this works out?

On Mondays, I:

  • do a weekly check-in & answer these questions
    – Am I getting enough sleep?
    – Am I eating clean, green & allergy free?
    – What do I need to give myself this week?
    – What does my business need from me this week?
  • set our week’s tasks in Basecamp for Marissa & I to work on
  • meet my local mastermind group (every second Monday) for accountability + brainstorming

This ensures I stick to my goal of being strategic & aligned with my intentions.



One of my big goals this year is to do yoga regularly. Now, I usually say this, do one or two classes with gusto and promptly fall off the wagon.

To change this cycle, I instead gave myself a goal of 25 yoga classes for the year (one every two weeks) which I think is doable.

And I proclaimed Tuesdays “Yoga Tuesdays”.

There’s two yoga classes I can head off to – either a Mums & Bubs yoga class in the morning or a solo night-time class.

And it’s okay if I miss a week or two. I know I’ll get back on the wagon. I want to reach that goal of 25 classes, danggit!




Up until Ostara was 6 or 7 months old, I went to bed with her every single night at 6pm.

I swear it was the only reason I got through that crazy period of newborn + breastfeeding + up every 2 hours.

When I started getting up after she fell asleep, I swore to myself I’d still go to bed early one night a week to keep on top of mama-tiredness. And of course, I didn’t. As any mama knows – once you get the taste of baby-free-freedom, you want MORE. And sleep can fall by the wayside.

Bed Wednesday is my promise to myself to head to bed early – maybe not at 6pm. But 8pm. Or 8:30pm.

And sleeping in in the morning! YEAH!

Ostara will wake up, have a breakfast boobfeed, toddle off to chase dogs, I’ll roll over and pull the duvet over my head, and poke at Chris till he wakes up and realises IT’S MY SLEEP IN TIME, SUCKAH.

Ostara will toddle, eat breakfast with her Dad, watch kids tv & artfully rearrange our house until it hits 8am and she wants another boobfeed.

And by then I’m feeling totally well rested. (Instead of days when I wake up feeling like a horse has kicked me in ze face. Mamas, you know the tired I speak of, right?)

Bed Wednesdays are my total permission card days to sleep as much and as well as I can.

IT ROCKS. The End.



Yeah! FUN! Thursday!

Fun is my word of the year.

So on these days I try to make sure FUN happens.

Whether I have a date with the girls,
or we have a family adventure together
or if we don’t head out I make a mini-FUN project to do together.

It all works!


Date Night FRIDAY

Another goal for my year is to have AT LEAST 12 date nights a year.

I’d really prefer for it to be a weekly event instead.

We don’t head out, but on Friday nights we hire a movie and make sure we put the laptops away. We stop work + study. And just spend the evening hanging out together. Me + him. Watching a movie. Talking shit or talking soul. No matter what, it’s all good.

Connection time!


Switch Off SUNDAY

I’ve been doing this ritual for a few years now.

Every Sunday I switch offline for at least a couple of hours // half a day // a full day.

That’s the day to write letters, drink tea, read books, make art.

It’s returning to Sacred Sabbath.


Time to make YOUR 2012 goals come true!

When we make our dreams come true, it turns our years from rudderless to exceptional.

All we need is a system behind them.

So take some time, gorgeous.

What are your days of the week?

Sit with your calendar.

What do you need and want each day of the week to be?

How will it help you fulfil your goals?


And of course, if this article is in any way helpful, please do share along with friends + family so they can create their own exceptional years too!


love love LOVE!


A whole workbook to make your year extraordinary: