Hola gorgeous goddesses!

For all those business & creative goddesses out there, I thought I’d share my current “To Do list.”

This might be helpful for you in organising your workflow + keeping your intentions + goals right in front of you!

I’ve shown before how to make a To Do Book.

For me, my laptop is my mobile office while I work from bed, my Creative Caravan, a cafe or up a tree, so I now keep my productivity centre on my desktop.

(And yup… the desktop background might give some indication of what might be released soon 😉

Right now I use a new Mac application called Stickies that work like sticky notes on your computer desktop.

I have different sized + coloured notes for different topics ::

My TO DO list

This is the largest on the left hand side and is a revolving list of everything I need to get done. Most important stuff gets shifted to the top to do first. And I make sure I put down concrete to-do’s to fulfill the goals + dreams from my 2012 Creating my Goddess Year workbook + planner. It’s so important to both dream the big dreams AND plan out how to make them happen!

My GOALS sticky

This keeps front & centre my money goals for the month & the biggest action points I need to do to get there (for goddesses who’ve done the Business Goddess e-course, this is where you put your big important things from the Magic Money Making Kit!)

My TO BLOG sticky

This is where I pop all my ideas for future blog topics. This gets it out of my head & onto the page where I can grab & run & write blog posts. It’s served me well so far… 1700+ posts published & sent out into the world!

My LATER sticky

This is where I move stuff off my To Do list – things that I want to remember but won’t be done in the next couple of months. This is a nice way to keep things in mind without feeling like they need to be done now now now.


This is where I keep track of all the books and programs that I’m currently learning, so I know I can dive into them at any time. It’s so important to keep learning new things + bringing in new downloads of information, whether that’s business, creativity, spirituality or self motivation! I go through learning cycles where I will spend about a quarter of my time or year actively learning new things.

Having all these things together in the one space – on the place where I find myself again and again – is really useful. It helps me stay focussed on what I need to do, and what it is I want to create.

Hope this is helpful, dearest souls!

Please do share it along if you think it could be helpful for your dearest hearts!

love love LOVE!