At last! I’ve been talking about the new vision for what I will be doing over the next year…

and it’s time to let ya’ll in on the know! Yahoosicles!

Are you ready for this? ME TOO!!!!!

Drumroll please:

The Opening of The Amazing Biz and Life Academy

This is the vision that emerged from me around Christmas time. I’ve been waiting so patiently (and sometimes not so patiently, and instead whispering to the Universe: “c’mon! show me now! show me now!”) for the last year. Golly gosh it was AWESOME when it finally arrived!

What’s happening:

The Goddess Circle will become the Amazing Biz and Life Academy over the next few weeks.

What this means:

A new name and brand that fits with the new expansive energy.

But not just that. This is about something MUCH bigger.

A whole lot more programs and content is going to go into the Amazing Biz and Life Academy.

Lots more business stuff, as well as my usual life/spiritual stuff, along with the rest of the programs that Goddess Circle already comes with.

A whole resource library for your to create and develop your own amazing business and life.

My High Level Business Education Program

I’ve been planning to do a high level business program about what you need to do to create a six figure business that sings to your soul.

Initially this was going to be a high level investment ($2k plus).

But when the dream of the Academy came forth, I knew I wanted to include the program in it.

So all members (including current Goddess Circle members) will get it as it rolls out!!!

Along with a whole heap of NEW materials, e-courses, meditations + workbooks…

a complete toolkit to help you create your own amazing life and business!

Price of the Academy

Right now, it’s going to stay at the same price ($199 a year for access to EVERYTHING! Ridunkulous, I know!)

At some point, prices will increase to reflect all the new gorgeous value being added to it.

But I’ll give you plenty of warning before that happens.

And if you’re already a current member (or become one before the price rise!), you’ll keep your current price for the life of your membership.

So if you join the Goddess Circle now, you’ll automagically get rolled into the Amazing Biz and Life Academy and get SO much more great stuff (on top of the hugely generous amount of programs you already get with membership.)

Why Am I Doing This?

Basically: because it makes me happy.

And when I get a vision like I did with the Academy, and with the original idea of the Goddess Circle over two years ago…

I follow it. I listen to it.

When I received the vision of the Academy and what the circle was moving in to, I was deeply struck by the sense that women were rising up everywhere to create powerful change, in their own lives and businesses, in creating their own lives that sing to them, being joyful and creative, in being financially free, in transforming their relationships, in living their soul purpose every single day, in becoming philanthropists.

A day after the vision landed, I saw a flock of ducks above me. And I waited to see if they would move into that familiar V formation. But they didn’t – they proceeded like a tidal wave across the sky.


And it made me think of you all – about how we were going to change the world together, like a great tidal wave of powerful change, love, transformation and spirit in every single area of our lives, including business.

Three years ago I remember sitting on the floor with my wee baby daughter at my breast as I opened the doors to the Goddess Circle. I remember feeling so full of hope and joy for what was to be created. And it has so deeply held true to that promise. So many incredible miracles, deep transformations, kindred connections + lives changes already.

And now, sitting here looking out over the rainforest (I SWEAR TO GOD, A BIG BLUE BUTTERFLY JUST FLEW PAST MY WINDOW AS I LOOKED UP!!!!!!!!!), I feel exactly the same way about the Academy.

It will be taking the amazing groundwork and change that the Circle has already created, and making it even better and bigger and more delightful, profound… and just what you need.

How this will affect YOU in dot points:

  • Over the next couple of weeks the Circle will take on its new name and beautiful new design that is just sparkling with energy. If you’re a member already, you’ll see it as it all unfolds. If you’re not a member already, sign up now to get first access to all the new goodness as it goes live.
  • You’ll get MORE programs to transform your life and business than you signed up for. YAY! GIANT BONUSES!!!!!!!
  • Your membership price you signed up for will remain the SAME PRICE. We may raise the price of the academy down the track for new members… but if you jump in now (or if you’re already a current Goddess Circle member!) but you’ll just get to celebrate the shit out of the fact that you invested in yourself at the right time!!!! Hee!!!
  • In the past, the Goddess Circle has been a women’s only community. Whilst I will not be specifically promoting the Academy to men, if there are men out there who wish to join, I will welcome them with a big ole open heart. This work is important to everyone.

Basically: Same of the existing goodness. But now with SO MUCH MORE!

Just open your arms wide… because there is SO MUCH GOODNESS coming at you.

I am so determined to make this the most wonderful thing ever ever… for you, your heart, your happiness, your life, your relationships, your soul purpose and your business.

This whole thang is making me exceedingly happy.

My whole aim is to create the world’s leading resource for women wanting to create incredible lives and businesses… incorporating powerful tools and programs in business, marketing, meditation, soul, happiness, creativity, mothering, decluttering + all the rest of the gorgeous stuff that goes into these amazing journeys of ours!!!


Rebrand Delight!

We’re also in the final stages of completing a brand new website design and look.

Right now I’m working with the amazing Ashley Inzer and truly lovely Lisa Wood finishing my new look website and brand.

I got an inkling around December that I needed to shift how I looked on the interwebs. I’ve always been deeply proud of the fact that I’ve hand stitched and designed my website from scratch since the beginning of time. And now I needed someone to help me polish the crystal so it shines even more.

Ashley has been so exceptional at incorporating so much of my artwork and handwriting into the design. It’s more “me” than I ever expected it could be.


I honestly thought that the whole graphic design process would be the greatest pain in the ass in the universe (that would be worth it in the end.)

I had NO IDEA that it would end up being such a sacred, spiritual, joyful experience – for me, for Marissa and for our designer Ashley. We’ve cried lots, and laughed hysterically, had massive illuminations. I feel like Ashley is TOTALLY on board with who I am, where the company is heading and what we represent in the world. It’s just amazing.

(In the screenshot above, we were literally laughing so hard at Google Hangout’s costume effects that we were crying. This has been an important part of our design process. That, along with hearing Ashley’s love story (it’s ridunkulous beautiful), and doing interpretations of each other’s cats and dogs. I DON’T KNOW. DON’T MAKE ME EXPLAIN WHY THIS IS SO IMPORTANT, BUT IT TOTES IS!)

Combining a shiz tonne of gigglesnorts and connections and stories is just part of the branding process, right? We’re totally making it that way! (hee!)

And the designs Ashley is coming up with are SO indescribably beautiful and perfect. We are doing the tiniest of tweaks that barely even make a difference because she GOT IT so straight on.

It’s been a really illuminating process… so glad that we found the right person (one who happened to be about to email me when I emailed her to begin with… someone who already knew and loved my work and was a Goddess Circle member!!!!!)

Fully amazing. So grateful and happy. And holllly shiiiiiit I can’t wait to show peeps. It feels so much more like ME… very professional, shiny, polished, divine… like a rough crystal that’s been polished up!!!!


There’s a lot that’s going to be changing.

Mostly about going BIG, showing up and helping as many people as possible.

But it’s pretty much the same energy as it’s always been:

about loving the shit out of life. Knowing that we are divine and have light inside us.

And doing the best we can to be the powerful, joyful creators we know we were born to be.

And doing it together. With joy in our hearts and gigglesnorts on our lips (and in our noses!)


Thank you oodles and poodles for being a part of this journey as always.

I so deeply appreciate you, and I am SO excited to share this incredible new creation with you.

All my love,