Hey lovebugs,

I’m thinking today about creating.

I’m in the midst of incubating + birthing my next big thing – the Amazing Biz and Life Academy.

It’s something I totally believe in and stand behind and am so sure that it needs to be in the world.

But it’s also not the easiest thing under the sun to do – this whole birthing of a miracle thing.

It’s just so dang easy to freak out or fuck it up or flipper your way into indecision and creative constipation along the way.

With that in mind, I’magonnatellyou just what it takes to create. To not get stuck. To keep flourishing. To keep producing the miracles inside you. And most of all, to be happy.

1: Thou Shalt Not Compare

Honestly humbug.

You’ve got this big beautiful baby inside you.

Don’t be looking at other pregnant mamas and think:

God, I should look more like them. They have it all together. Their baby is so perfect. And they are doing it so EASILY too.

Because that eventually leads you to think:

Maybe I just shouldn’t do this thing. Maybe I’m not worthy of creating. Maybe I should just give up. If everyone else is doing their thing, maybe my creative contribution means nothing.

This is about the point where I need to stage a Creative Comparison Intervention on yo’ ass.


of course you were born to create this thing.

This world NEEDS it, don’t you see?

It’s filled with so many people suffering.

And this one thing you have to offer… it can help.

Don’t deny them the beauty of that.

Don’t deny them the beauty of your gift.

You are doing it perfectly. Perfectly because it’s YOUR way.

Please just stay centered on YOU. On what YOU are creating. On that big ole belief inside you that sings the song of your creation.

We need it.

And dearest, YOU need it too.

Because this process of birthing it into the world?

It’s going to make you even more into who you are.

The brave, creating, radiant soul you already are.

It’ll make you wiser and more courageous and it’ll take you to the next stepping stone of where you need to be.

Don’t deny yourself the beauty of this creative journey.

It will change you in the most rainbow of ways.

2: Thou Shalt Not Get Distracted

Make yo’self a creative cave.

You might need to turn down the volume of life when you’ve got something big to be born.

My creative cave right now is the “recording studio” of our house – a room just off the garage that is wallpapered with hundreds of egg cartons (to soundproof it).

It’s quiet in here, and cool, and dark. There’s a bed and a window over the rainforest, and a candle. I spray it with Space Clearing Spray every single day before I begin work. I sequester myself away, and write what needs to be written. Here, in the place where all I can do is turn to myself.

It’s just like birthing a real life kid:

ya need a wee bit of quiet and safety and a cave.

You need a place to turn in, to listen to your own creative voice, to hold on to that unwavering faith inside you that whispers:

Yes, you can do this.

(You may not have a little room. Maybe all you have is a corner. All I had at one point was a corner of my backyard, and a tree in the park to sit up. That’s okay. It’s the metaphorical safe place, of getting away from the world.)

And while we’re at it:

Get the fuck off the internet. No last Facebook checks to see if anything significant in your life (or anyone else’s) has changed.

You have work to do.

You have a baby to be born.

3: Thou Shalt Not Freak The Fuck Out

There’s two virtues you need to invoke right now:




Faith that you can do this. Faith that your thing is meant to be in the world. Faith that everything’s going to be okay.

And if you can’t find a loud cacophony of faith inside you, search instead for a seed of it.

The tiny place inside you of divine knowing.

And remember: To move mountains all you need is faith the size of a mustard seed.

Invoke Grace.

Know this whole creative thing is gonna be messy.

Shit’s gonna get real.

It’s going to feel emotional. It’ll press all your buttons.

And that’s okay.

In fact, it’s completely wonderful.

It’s bringing up all your stuff so it may be healed.

Looked at lovingly, listened to, and shown:

it’s okay darling. I know that’s what you think right now. But I promise a new dawn is rising, and there’s a new way of being just around the corner. We can do this. We’ve got this.

In short, be your own best mate. Your own cheerleader with glittering pompoms. Your ra-ra crowd cheering your name.

You’ve got this. You’ve got all you need inside you.

4: Though Shall Keep Yo Eco System Thriving

We don’t create in isolation.

We create in wholeness.

What’s all that hippy speak mean?

It means: our work is profoundly affected by our emotional state, our energetic body, our food and our health.

To stay in alignment, you’ve gotta tend to all of you.

Eat your greens. Have your smoothies. Get acupuncture. Get intuitive healing. Get therapy. Walk. Drink coconut water. Surround yourself with good, kind people. Communicate the shit out of things. Talk and get clear. Tend to what needs tending to. Meditate. Have things that fill you up. Stay inspired.

Your creative garden needs tending to. And yup, it takes work. But it’s the good work lovely.

Whatever you need to do from the above list to stay in alignment, do that. Maybe what you need isn’t on that list at all.

You’re the best expert on you.

For me personally, keeping myself in alignment and clear means doing a lot of that list. It also means not watching the news, having a very gentle pattern at home, getting enough sleep, and not taking alcohol (especially when I’m energetically sensitive or creating) or illicit drugs (ever).

It’s the combo that I’ve worked out is the best for me to create in. And nothing makes me happier than to create. So you can bet yo butt I invest a lot of time and energy in keeping myself clean, clear and ready to go.

On the bonus side, it has the side effect of creating a pretty dang happy, healthy life. Gotta love how happiness is symbiotic.

(P.S. This DOESN’T mean you get to wait until you’ve got all your ducks in a row before you start creating. This means realising your creative eco system is a pretty fragile thang that does need tending to. And that you’ll work it out along the way. Enhance as you go along! Yay!)

You Don’t Need Ten Commandments, You Only Need Four.

And they are listed above.

Gotta keep it simple sweetheart.

Simple is the truest way.

If I can tell you anything, I just want you to know that I believe in you.

I believe in you, your gifts, your story.

I believe your creations need to be in the world.

I believe they are destined to be born to help people.

I believe they will change you along the way too – in the most wonderful of ways, just like all our children do.

I believe we will change our world and the world with all our creations.

And that just behind a shimmering, translucent curtain there is a hundred thousand angels singing our names.

You can do it. You can do it. You can do it.


Love, hope + destiny,