I have another brilliant interview to share with you!

  • How growing up on a cattle farm created a rich relationship with nature and animals. “There’s something quite ecstatic about the natural world.”
  • People who are true to themselves and their inner wisdom are much less likely to harm Earth. Additionally, “Being yourself is about the most fun you can have!”
  • I describe my brain as “a festival ground, a happy place; it just thinks about what I want to create next.”
  • Zebras don’t wish their stripes were differently shaped in order to feel more worthy and loveable. Animals are models of self-acceptance and authentic being. It doesn’t make sense for other animals to be happy within themselves but not humans.
  • How I have simplified my philanthropy and currently primarily support the Australian Wildlife Conservancy in a substantial way due to their focus on purchase and protection of wild lands.
  • I also support Australia’s Wilderness Society, which takes legal action to protect wild land.
To listen, click HERE!
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