I’m in the midst of a Very Busy Month, and have a bunch of creative work with deadlines, but I still want to write + blog + share with you all. It’s my very favourite thing to do. So here I am, playing! Writing it all out. Letting it all begin to make sense.

Momentous occasion last week – I filled up my first journal of the year (a stunning journal from Quirky Cup Collective that my assistant Zita gave me for Christmas) and started a new journal – this one an extended journal (400 pages) from Moleskine. I like the thickness of the journal – the fact that I feel like I can write and write and write and get nowhere near closer to the end. But the paper quality is pretty shit – super thin and too transparent for my liking. And I can’t use my beloved Uniball eye pen in light blue because it soaks through to the other side. Instead I’m having to use a (barf) boring bitch Biro.

If you’ve got ideas for super thick journals WITH decent thick paper, hit me up. The Quirky Cup journal paper was DELICIOUS to work with – but at the rate I’m writing at, I’ll end up using one every month.

I keep reminding myself however – it’s not about the tools. It’s about the practice. The fact that I am journaling is 100 times more important that what tools I’m using.

I ended up pimping my Moleskine up with a gold personalised decal from Etsy and two stickers from Society6. The basic dark blue wasn’t doing it for me. If it was turquoise like my dress? NOW we would be in business.

But again, as I keep reminding myself:

The cover isn’t that important. The paper quality isn’t that important. As long as I’m journaling, that’s what matters.

Since I’ve converted my smart phone to a dumb phone and given up constant email & Messenger checking, I’ve taken to taking my journal with me everywhere. That way, when my fingers get itchy to do something, or I have an idea, I just write or draw in my journal. My brain and creativity and soul are a lot healthier for it.

(I obv don’t journal + drive. My husband drives, I muse.)

I have a big all day photoshoot happening this month, and my brain has been madly trying to come up with what to wear and in what combinations. I ended up doing a drawing in my large art journal with alcohol ink markers just to lay things out in my mind a bit better. It helped me visualise much better!

I’m actually tempted to see if my eldest kid wants to take the day off school and have a “Go To Work With Mum” day for the photoshoot. She’s awesomely stylish, so I figured she’d be able to help with styling. We’ll see if she even wants to come however – she’s so much in love with school that she hates being sick because she’s missing out on classroom days (!!!!) Me & Chris have spent a lot of time, money, moving around the country & deep emotional angst into working out educational choices for our kids that they enjoy & can thrive in. It’s a real relief that it’s working currently.

Mini rant time:

I’m still pisssssssssed at Kajabi for its bullshit last week with email delivery, and our ongoing bullshit with trying to get things resolved. Like: Scorpio levels of fury. Amazing how my trust with a company can plummet so rapidly. We’ll be continuing to rebuild our email delivery platform away from them this week, and keep them just for course delivery.

We’ve also had a rash of shit times with LiquidWeb as well (our website host), so this week we are moving over to WPEngine.

It’s funny – both Kajabi and LiquidWeb have been my mainstays for a few years now. It must just be time for a universal upgrade of some kind. I feel the need to rant about this because I’m still Very Cross that I’ve promoted Kajabi in the past, and they have’ve really shit in the bed.


Righto, time to get some work done.
Thank you for being here, dear penfriend!