I wanted to share with you the process behind my hybrid bullet journal!

I love to fill my journals with anything I find; stickers, magazine cut outs, polaroids & photographs, postcards along with journalling my thoughts & feelings. I draw, write task lists, I add quotes and plan my calendar & schedule.

It really helps me process shit, especially when I’ve had a bonkerdoodles day. Sometimes the overstimulation is real and this is one of the ways I try to manage that.

I filmed a little sneak peek of what my hybrid journals look like,

Feast your eyes on THIS:

I do use a lot of digital tools but for whatever reason (probs the ADHD lolz) having my journal with me all the time helps enormously when it comes to staying organised, processing feelings & reducing overwhelm.

I’m not precious about my journal, it comes with me everywhere I go. My journals have a whole lotta life in them and that’s exactly the way I like it.

I hope this is useful for you!

May you be blessed, may you be creative, may you be wild…

Love always,