I have another fabbo interview to share with you today!

I sat down with Nicole Brodie from the Million Dollar Decisions for Mums podcast and shared all my business secrets. Everything from how I’ve made $12 million only working 10 hours a week to running a business without using social media.

Nicole describes this episode best:

I LOVE this wonderful woman who has literally created her ideal lifestyle using authenticity and pure creative powers. A real example of how finding what you love and just doing that can lead the way to success.
Combined with some pretty amazing strategies which Leonie will share on how to actually create a business that is successful without having to burn yourself out, or even be on social media. Yes I said that out loud!
Listen up today, because you may just want to hear how Leonie has managed her multi-million dollar business in a 10 hour work week and her main tips on how you can do the same!

Click HERE to listen!

Love always,