My big sissy. This is what it feels like to be here.

Hola my darlinghearts,

I’m writing to you still from my old bedroom at the farmhouse, via the internet connection via long-stick-thing-out-window.

I’m blowing you kisses and sending you sunsets. I miss you darlinghearts! It feels rather funny here with my limited internetictivity.

We’re supposed to be in our new mermaid cottage by now. We arrived two weeks ago. But that gorgeous Great Spirit had other plans. Our furniture got lost for a week (!) and isn’t arriving until Tuesday now. It must have been having its own adventure. Then I got mastitis again which ended up in an emergency room visit at night. We had ten minutes to drive from the farm to the hospital before the only doctor left, so me, Starry, Dad and my sissy Becka piled into the car. I prayed and prayed and prayed to the angels that Starry would go to sleep so she wouldn’t have to cope with a night-time drive (not a fan of any drive usually, especially not night time ones!) Thank Great Spirit – I sang a couple of my most special renditions of Eency Weency Spider, and she was asleep. And she stayed that way all the way into town, the whole two hours I was getting juiced up with IV antibiotics and convincing the doctor I really didn’t need a holiday in the hospital overnight. And she stayed in sweet slumberland the whole way home. If you’re not a mama, you’re probably thinking “mmm, that’s nice Leonie.” If you are a mama, you know that it was an ACT OF GOD and a miracle as needed as the parting of the seas.

And then Starry got her first cold, and then I got a cold, and then everyone got a cold. And we’ve been coughing and sniffling our way through our days and nights since.

I’m still one blessed goddess though. I’m so grateful Starry isn’t unhappy, and is still cheerfully grinning about through it all. Hot showers are the love of my life. I’m glad they found our furniture at last. The two things I miss the most are our king size bed and my blender. I have priorities, peoples!

(Starry just woke up from her nap and is looking up at the crystal chandalier like it is a magical flying unicorn. I might get five more minutes of writing out of her yet! WOO!)

Beautiful moments:

A couple of nights ago, my Wild Bushman Dad came in to our room while we were sleeping, checked our temperatures with his big brown hand, and pulled the covers up over us.

Every morning, I wake up to see the sun rise and the land glow. And I say Good morning, Morning! Good morning, Mother Earth! because that is all I can say. And my cells light up and everything feels so very right. Every part of me is grateful to be alive to see those dawn times again.

At night, after Starry is asleep, my big sissy crawls into bed with us, and we stay awake for hours talking. We like to say “What’s new with you?” and solve the problems of the universe and do light work and say Remind me when I forget what my big dreams are, and what I came here for.

And I want to ask you to remind me too, dearest goddess sister. I want to grow vegetables and fruits. I want to eat and live radiantly. I want to create a retreat centre. I want to help goddesses, both online and here in Proserpine. I want to run retreats. I want to bring teachers here from all over the world. I want to build on our little piece of heaven. I want to live in a spiritual community, surrounded by other beautiful, spirited people. I want to do light work here, and help this place become a thriving, pulsating, rainbow beacon of light. I want a beautiful, simple, joyful, loving life here with my family – both my little one and my big tribe.

(Sidenote: Sissy just brought me in the GF cupcake mixture bowl so I could lick the scrapings out of it. GOD I LOVE HER.)

Sissy has Starry now, so I can keep tip-typing away. She is making cupcakes because we’re having our Great Big Italian Family (Without The Italian Heritage) Day. Just me, Chris, Starry, sissy, Daddy, Mama, my beautiful brother and his gorgeous wifey and their three kids. And Granny of course, the first Goddess of Joy. So the farm kitchen is bustling with cupcakes and vegetables cooking and roast roasting.

What else, what else?

There’s been ginormous miracles of love. There’s been night time tropical thunderstorms. There’s been a hundred bazillion things of goodness. Want to share, but must run. Cupcakes to ice, babies to hold.

I love you all. Can’t wait to share via non-carrier pigeon!