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Tender and vulnerable and blessed and glad.

Here I am, offering my newest dream.

It came to me in a dream. In my heart, I know it’s the right thing.

Right for me, in that I can spend more time writing and creating and helping other goddesses instead of marketing to fill up courses.

Right for you, in that you can get everything I’ve made, and everything I’m going to create over the next year, for ridunkulous affordable. So you can not just discover the goddess in you – but keep reconnecting over and over with her, using all my tools whenever you need them. And having a permanent Goddess Circle to sit, share and be with other goddesses on their journeys.

If it’s the right thing for you right now, I’d love to share it with you.

::: Goddess Circle Memberships :::

Thank you for being here, my dear friends, muses and goddess sisters.

Over and over, I am so blessed to be here right now, loving me and loving you.

big love you,