On a day like today, I cannot not say anything.

And yet, I don’t know what to say.

Except that I feel deeply sad.

I don’t know what to do.

I pray for peace. I pray for this not to be turned into any kind of religious intolerance. I pray for this not to turn into war.

I pray for those two beautiful souls that died. I pray for their families and all who knew them. I pray for the deva of Sydney, the spirit of the city, that has one great gaping hole in it today.

We will not become jaded. We will not become closed off. We will not hurt each other.

We will not slacken our gun laws in the hopeless thought that more guns would create more peace.

We will not believe that this is a terrorist attack. It wasn’t. It was the act of one disturbed, broken, violent soul. We will not believe it was the act of any organisation, any religion.

We will have our hearts cracked and softened. We will sit with ourselves, with the pains, the shock, the grief that arise. We will tend to ourselves. We will go gently. We will not lash out. We will reach out. We will talk together as gently as we can, and see what can be done. We will continue to grow our community, our cities, our world based in the values of respect, kindness and love.

There is no other way but love. Fear, intolerance and backlash only creates more of the same. Let us look at South Sudan, where they don’t even know what they fight for any longer, only that there is an Us and a Them.

We know different.

We know there is only ever us.

We will ride with each other. We will ride with our own selves.

We will face the great, gaping void.

And we will choose love, not fear.

We know it will make the difference.

In tender love today,

P.S. I am sorry for your pain. Me too. xoxo


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