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Hola treasure,

Got someone in your life that has been so wonderful to you?

That you are grateful for? That you want to share joy with?

Someone you want to send some love to, and a big thank you for being the splendid human being they are?

You can gift them the gift of the BEST THING EVER…

A 2015 where more of their goals + dreams + wishes come true than ever before.

gift option 2

Aka… that little harbinger of magic + manifestation + get-shit-done-ishness the 2015 Create Your Shining Year in Life + Biz planners.

give an incredible 2015


You can grab them a cheap-as-chips digital download (that can either be filled out on computer, ipad or printed out!).


Or you can grab them a delicious printed workbook that’ll be delivered right when they need to begin 2015 planning (AND you can print out this rainbow lil love-soaked gift voucher to give to them on the big day.)

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So my treasures,

I hope you have a magical celebration season.

Or, if it sucks borg, or is completely quiet and dull and normal, may you know that that is okay too.

(Read: In Praise Of Ordinary Christmases. Or Incase Your Christmas Sucks Borg.)

We are celebrating our last tropical Christmas. By the end of next month, we’ll have moved to Tasmania – a beautiful island on the other side of Australia. I owe you a blog post about that, about the how and the magical why and all that. It’s on my to-do list which is a hundred million miles long.

This season is always our busiest patch of the year with the workbooks. Luckily I only hire Jewish peeps + workaholics. I KID. I KID. #kinda

This morning/week/month/four months has been really, really full on as we established our own printing company for the workbooks, and have worked with overseas printing houses, shipping companies, Customs and distribution houses to deliver these workbooks the way we wanted. I haven’t pulled this many late nights for a looong time. It’s been a lil cuckoo.

I know though that the hard part has been done though, and it’s just setting us up for the next stage and evolution of the workbooks + getting them into every corner of the globe where women are needing them to claim and create joyful lives + abundant businesses.

I’m bloody excited for what is to come… and incredibly grateful for everything that’s happened.

2014 was the year we brought Beth into the world. My pregnancy with her was such a difficult initiation of illness with hyperemesis gravidarum. I really find it hard remembering that this time last year I was barfing up Christmas lunch, and spent the vast majority of the day in bed rocking back and forward.

She is absolutely our own miracle. I can’t believe such a bonny, bouncing babe (aka SUPERCHUBS) came from such a debilitating illness.

I’m immensely grateful that she told me I was wrong when I thought I was only having one child.

I’m immensely grateful that she chose me.

I’m immensely grateful for the special connection my two daughters have. Through and through, they chose each other.

And I’m grateful for the completion of our family. The Awesome Dawson Foursome.

This Christmas, it’ll be us four, plus my wild bushman dad.

We’re planning on eating + drinking our way around all the foodie places/farms.

Going slow, gentle + all that good stuff.

I’ll still be popping in for work.

But mostly I’ll be saying to the sky, the sunrise, the sunset:

Thank you.

Thank you for all of this.

All my love,

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