Canberra Wise Women I Leonie Dawson I 2016

Hola kittens,

I’ve been in my hermit cave for a bit.

Next week I’m peeking my head out to speak at Canberra Wise Women’s Create event.


I’m speaking alongside:

  • Lori Ciccini – internationally recognised fine art photographer

It should be a beautiful event.

(I should note, I’m not paid for these kinds of speaking gigs. I tend to just do them as a way for me to meet ya’ll without me having to organise shit. #lazysocialising)

Come play IRL before I disappear down my creative hobbit hole!

I’m not sure when I’ll do another live speaking event for the time being… I tend to go through big cycles of being “out there” and then going underground for a while. It’s my natural creative ebb and flow. So, just a warning if you’ve been wanting to see me speak & have been putting it off, you should probably get onto it.

Grab your tickets here!

So much love from my cave to yours,