Hola gorgeous goddesses!

Oh my loves.

I’m full in the throes of producing the 100+ interviews for the World’s Biggest Summit (which launches in ummm 10 DAYS).

And there is much to tell you.

But my brain is a bit blippish & it’s time to go to bed.

So, I’m just going to tell you, okay?

And I promise I’ll return to eloquent & well written post-nap.

In the meantime, I present:

DOT POINTS!!!!!!!!!

1. This weekend, I’ll be selling my book, running around squealing like a fairy, doing intuitive readings & running a mini workshop at the North Queensland Spiritual Festival.

If you are *anywhere* in Proserpine… I so highly recommend you come. The last festival was the most amazing, joyful explosion of goodness… and I know this one will be just the same.

I’ll be in a goddess island of stalls – me and five other Goddess Circle sisters have a whole isle of artwork and jewellery and photographs and cupcakes and more artwork.


I so wish you could all come!!!!!

(But seriously: come if you are anywhere in a 350km radius. It’s just the best festival ever!)

2. There are a few Dazzling Sponsor spots still available for the World’s Biggest Summit.

So if you want your beautiful thang in front of the eyes of thousands of amazing souls, jump on in.

I’m getting feedback from sponsors saying they have already made back their advertising doublers from sales – and the Summit hasn’t even begun yet!!!!

Completely fantastic!

and 3. (most important) I took some photos of Ostara in the garden last week, and they made my ovaries implode with happiness.


I am one blessed mama.

I am so glad this spark of light called Ostara is in the world.


I love you.

There’s so much magic brewing.

All my love, cuddles & naps,