Hola my darlinghearts,

You know what I miss?

Doing those random ye olde photo updates from Goddess Land.

Let’s get retro & bring ’em back, yes?

So here’s what I’ve been up to tonight: finishing up painting signs for this weekend’s NQ Spiritual Festival.

And this is what we’ve been up to today:

having a creative goddess date at my darling friend Jewel‘s sanctuary.

Trish, Jewel, Mirella & moi

I’m amazed how this beautiful tribe has come together in the last two months.

I only just met Jewel two months ago – she is a Goddess Circle sister who kept emailing me.

And I kept having dreams about Trish, and she started having dreams about me, and we started connecting much more.

And then one day (after another dream where she asked me to come see her!) we came up with an idea to have a little gathering of soulful business goddesses.

And we both already had met Mirella & invited her.

And we invited a whole heap of other amazing women.

And the first meeting was just SO filled with love, and joy, and serendipity, and laughter.

And since then we’ve just connected like… I’m not sure what. It’s just instant kinship and sisterhood.

We support and inspire each other’s lives and businesses.

And holy guacamole, we are making such HUGE MIRACLES happen. Everywhere we go, magic flings from our hair.

All of us get a bit teary thinking how blessed we all are to have met each other.

Speaking of souls who are blessed to have met each other:

Starry & Jewel’s daughter Savvy fell in instant love the moment they met each other.

They are soul sisters, just like their mamas!

This was pretty much the whole day:

Savvy said today:

“I don’t have a sister. Can Starry be my sister?”

And we thought it was the best idea ever.

Starry did too.


Again and again I say:

When women circle, miracles happen.

And it’s seriously true.

Today was just magic. Everyday I get to circle with these women is just the best healing miracle I know.

What else have we been up to this week?

Falling in love with cockatoos & skies.

Remembering to see the situation from above.

One morning Ostara woke up, trundled straight out to the paintings we’d been working on the day before. Dragged the big ole canvas back into our bed, bringing paint & pencils with her.

And she made art.

And we’ve been road tripping – just down the road to the “big smoke” – Mackay.

We’ve only been once in the year we’ve been here. An hour in the car is about 45 minutes too long for our shining light Ostara.

But this time she fell asleep in her seat (woo!) and my love and I had a sweet date driving through the cane fields.

And then we got our fill of organic hippy stores & bookstores, ate some Chinese,

turned around and drove home.

It was perfection.

Tie dye hippy pants are the only suitable road tripping attire.

Over & over, driving through this sacred land,

my heart is so full.

I’m SO glad we came back.

I’m SO glad we stayed.

I’m SO glad we made it.

This tropical paradise of mine has been

and always will be


Ostara started not liking the car before we got home.

After distracting her with food, books, songs & everything else under the sun, she got the ultimate prize:

her first go on daddy’s ipod.

Blissful silence for the rest of the ride.

Farm animal apps are pretty much the best thing evaaaaa.

(P.S. I’m totally laughing at my pre-baby stance on “no technology evaaaaaaaa”)

I also got the bug to do some rearranging.

Do you ever do that?

Decide that furniture MUST be moved now?

I totally do.

Chris does not share the same love of furniture moving as I do.

Which is cool with me – I close the door & move it all myself to my heart’s delight – and only reveal to him my plans once it is all done.

And then he loves it.


(P.S. Our bedroom feels all nice & zen again after feeling a bit crowded lately!)


Also, I laughed so hard at this. Parents of toddlers, hoooo boy you are gunna love.


Also, my life is pretty much swallowed up entirely these days with birthing this beautiful baby:

Eight more days!!!


Was that fun?

I know right!

Me tooooo!

I’m off to bed my loves… off to dream sweet dreams all curled up between my two loves.

And my gorgeous North Queenslanders… see you this weekend at the festival! I’m giving a free workshop at 2pm Saturday, and will have my book for sale & maybe do a few readings… but most of all soaking up the gorgeous energy, hugging a LOT of people, running around like a wild mermaid fairy, and returning home with a LOT of bags of all the other market seller’s goodies. HEEEE!!! DREAM COME TRUE!!!


Wild mermaid love & glorious soul sister sunshiney days,

I really really reallllly want you to know this:
1. you are loved
2. everything is going to be awesome
3. YOU ARE A DING DANG GODDESS!!!! (Have I ever mentioned that?)