Hey love,

Just incase you’re wavering right now.

Just incase things feel wonky.

Just incase you’ve been pushing + things haven’t been working.

Just incase if you’ve been wondering if it’s a sign to give up, check out, go back…

here’s your sign:

No it’s not.

This is the time to be gentle.

This is the time to give yourself what you need.

This is the time to build your faith.

This is the time to keep taking step after step after step.

This is the time to keep showing up, keep shining, keep believing, keep knowing,

even when it’s not easy.

And eventually it’s just gonna become your modicum, your standard of being.

Don’t get distracted.

Have unwavering focus on your dream, on where you are going.

Don’t look back. Don’t get distracted by the coyotes and the spiders.

They are only there to teach you how not to be.

Stay focussed. Stay clear. Stay bright.

It’s all gonna be okay, love bug.

In fact, it’s gonna be fuc*ing magnificent.

love like the sun,