G’day dearests,


Just a quick tip for you today… shared with me from one of my mentors Hiro Boga.

An acupressure spot to press to feel happy + calm.

You can also use on wee ones + teach your kidliwinks how to apply themselves.

By applying firm, steady pressure with your index finger to this point, you will be able to release and move the Chi.

Used to sedate and calm. Relieves depression, melancholia. Grants insight and ability to plan, have vision, and mental, emotional, spiritual flexibility.

Sourced from (and more info can be found at) here.

We were going to use this point to help Ostara as we weaned from breastfeeding last week, but she hasn’t needed it… it’s been the most easy, gentle, happy, loving transition I could ever imagine!

Instead I’ve been using it to get centered while I work… and it’s perfect, so I thought I’d share it along as a power tip to add to your toolkit!

Happy calming!