Another podcast interview with moi has just gone live! 

I had the glorious opportunity to chat with Jessie Harold (author, women’s coach, mentor and doula) on her pod: The Becoming Podcast! 

Jessie’s description says it best: 

“My conversation with artist, mama and wildly successful entrepreneur Leonie Dawson was so delightful and rich. Leonie shared some of her story of becoming a mother, about how our relationships change when we change, and about creativity as a way to process radical transformation in your life. Leonie is the creator of a bestselling series of planners and goal books for women, and so we talked about the role of goals in facilitating change, as well as self-care and the power of women’s circles.” 

Wanna listen? Click HERE! 

Or listen wherever you find your podcasts.

It’s that easy! 

Big love!