Hola gorgeous Goddess!

I’m over-the-moon-wild-delicious-excited-ecstatic to announce the opening of the Goddess School!

Over the last year or so, I’ve been running e-courses sporadically… it’s been a journey filled with miracles, connection & spirit-shinings.

I’m so blessed to have connected with so many goddesses, and to be a part of their incredible soul stories… to witness, honour & help them discover and celebrate the goddess inside them.

I’m getting a bit teary thinking about all the woman-blessings that have been unleashed.

One thing is for certain: when women circle, magic happens.

And when women choose to do this precious women’s work, they come home – to themselves, to their beauty, their wisdom and their truth. They come home to this power and joy that’s inside them. It’s intoxicating and beautiful to be a part of… thus why I chose all those years ago to make this my life’s work. To see women light up? It is divine and true and real.

Today I’m so excited to announce the next development in this journey…

The Goddess School – a sacred space online for goddesses to be a part of, to take e-courses to discover the wise, joyful, creative Goddess inside them, connect with other goddesses inside them, and to be a part of a space that is all about inspiration, deep soul space, connection, spirit joys and circle sisters. A space for us to come home to the Goddess inside us, and each other.

The first term begins September 28, and there are two e-courses you can enrol in. The next term will begin in the new year with another new e-course being added.

If your spirit is calling you, I would so love to have you a part of the Goddess School, and to help you discover and dance in the amazing Goddess you are, and were born to be.

To find out more about the Goddess School, and to enrol, head on over to the Goddess School page. And if you have any questions, just let me know dearheart.

May our beautiful souls find what they need for their most beautiful unfurling & shining in just the right places, spaces & time…

Big love,