Many of you already know my Grand-Mother {known as Granny to one & all}. She’s 92. She is the most positive, joyful, loving, hilarious person I know.

Granny is the Elder Goddess of our family, and a centrepin in our family wisdom. She also has probably the raddest sense of humour of anyone I know. You never really know which one you are going to get – the wisdom, or the giggles.

Below is an accurate accounting of my Grandmother Upon Hearing the News of Me Being Up The Duff…

Gorgeous Granny (GG for short): Oh my darling, that is the best news I’ve heard in a long time!

Moi: Awww thanks Gran, I love you.

GG: And I love you right back! And I love Chris too! That’s just beautiful.

Moi: You’re the best Gran!

GG: You know what that means now you are having a family now, don’t you darling?

Moi: (expecting something profound and wise, from elder goddess to maiden on how to become a mama) No Gran, what’s that?

GG: It means you can go to KFC and get a FAMILY BUCKET!

* * *
Dearest Gran,
You really are The.Best.Ever.
your vegetarian granddaughter who is so glad she knows the real meaning of family now…