Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

 I’m so excited to announce the launch of my new meditation kit – the Divine Dreaming Meditation!

To celebrate the launch, for the next 3 days, you can get 25% off the price by using the code SWEETSLUMBER.

I created this meditation because of my favourite 14 year old, Goddess Lana. She sent me this holy-adorable rainbow email:

i have been having problems sleeping at the moment (boo) and i have been listening to the creative goddess e-course meditations, there is somthing about your voice that just makes me fall asleep
()o Zzzzzzzzzzzz <- thats me, wearing an eyemask being asleep. haha.
but at the end of them, i feel all arty and awake and reading to create! which is why they are perfect for the course. but not so perfect for sleepy time.
soooooooooooooooo i was wondering if you have ever made a sleepy time meditation?

if not could you pleasy please make one?

How could I say no to something like that?

Can it take you houuuurs to fall sleep?

What would your days be if you woke up feeling really revitalised and nourished instead of down and exhausted and blerrrr?

What would it be like if your dreams were divine, healing and wise instead of non-existent or “my mum is a goat” kinda weird?

It suckitty sucks to take hours to fall asleep, only to have erratic sleep and nonsensical dreams.

Especially when you really need a good night’s sleep and a pocketfull of sweet dreams.

When we don’t get those two essential healings, we can feel exhausted, drained, confused, grumpy and depressed. There’s a reason they use sleep deprivation as torture, ya know? It’s potent and powerful stuff. And instead of making it torture, we can use its powers for good – to change and heal our sweet bodies and souls.

Not only is sleep important for our sanity and hot sassy bodies, but having quality, divine dreams can make the world of difference to our souls. Our dreams can be places for us to receive healing and wisdom from our guides and angels. They can be sacred journeys of adventure.

We can discover new, amazing parts of the Goddess inside us through our dreams.

The Dreaming Time Meditation

So I got to muse-ing how to create a meditation that would include the best tools and magical goodness in it for goddesses to get to sleep easier and have way more amazing spirit dreams.

It became the Divine Dreaming meditation – a 21 minute guided meditation, with me speaking (with my apparently sleep-inducing voice), beautiful background music… and me playing some healing instruments including a native american flute, singing bowl and chimes. And it felt utterly precious and powerful and whole, and I used it send myself to sleep when my new-pregnancy-body was more interested in fidgeting and staring at the ceiling.

* You’ll drift into sweet slumber way more easily

* You’ll have wise, healing, amazing dreams

* You’ll feel more revitalised and nourished when you wake up

* You’ll feel more connected with your guides

* You’ll have way more glorious days because your nights are so much more nourishing.

So that was my Goddess way of saying:

This meditation will help you get to sleep easier and have better dreams.

And I got some of my favourite Goddesses to trial it, and got their goddess high-five, booty shake and happy dance from them, which was glooorious. (You can read more from them on the Divine Dreaming meditation page).

Then I got so excited I created some extras to turn the meditation into a kit… an extended version to make your blissful meditation stretch out to 42 minutes, and a mini Goddess Guide to Sweet Slumber with my very favourite tools and hints on getting the best sleep ever.

Having a really deep, nourishing, revitalising sleep is so smiggin important to me, and my dreams are an amazing space for me to receive wisdom, healings and insights… so I wanted to share both these gifts of sweet slumber and divine dreams with you.

To check out the meditation, reviews, all the goodness, and how to buy and get the kit sent to your inbox el pronto, just click here on over here.

And remember the 25% off launch discount of SWEETSLUMBER – it’s fresh & working until Friday.

Any questions, dearheart? Just let me know! I’d so love to be of help.

To our sweet slumber and divine dreams,