Today’s post is a guest blog from the Goddess Nathalie, a Raw Foods Goddess. More about her & her lovely work below. Yay!

About Nathalie

I’m Nathalie Lussier, also known as The Raw Foods Witch and I help people live an enchanted life by eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. I love spreading the message of healthy eating (with a healthy attitude) and I’m available to coach you through a transition, and to help alleviate the anxiety that surfaces during times of dietary change.

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My Goddess journey

My Goddess journey started about 10 years ago, when I was reading a book (appropriately) called “Be a Goddess” by Francesca De Grandis. The one thing that left a mark on me, and that still influences the way I operate today was the notion that to be a Goddess you must love yourself first.

From Self Love to Love of Veggies

This notion of self love planted a seed in me. It gradually started to take hold, and I truly started to love myself instead seeking the love of others. In turn, others started to recognize my Goddessness and life became a lot lighter and more fun!

It took many years for this seed to blossom fully, and I expect that this is a plant I will continue to nurture my whole life. Eventually I discovered that there was still more work to do to fully love myself. One way that I had been starving this love was ironically with food.

I was eating mostly junk food, processed stuff, and the word “vegetable” made my nose crinkle. One day I met My Alchemist Man, who told me he loved to eat vegetables, and a few months later that he loved me too. Clearly, this man who loved me couldn’t be wrong about loving vegetables too!

So I gave vegetables and fruit a chance. I discovered a whole new way of feeding myself, and fell in love with the way these healthy foods made me feel. Digging deeper, I learned about the concept of raw food, and realized that I had been neglecting to love my body by not feeding it what it wanted.

I went on a 30 day raw food only trial (much to My Alchemist Man’s dismay, he was more into the moderate approach than the extreme one) and the Goddess within was reawakened. I found this food to be pure, juicy, and alive. Eating became an almost sensual communion with my body, and I was hooked.

Making Self Love Your Biggest Eating “Rule”

The words “your body is a temple” come to mind, but trying to eat healthier can cause all kinds of old negativity to enter your temple. Once you decide to eat healthier (or even go high raw) you can slip into what I call “military behavior.” I’ve seen far too many beautiful Goddesses berate themselves over eating something that they “shouldn’t have”, only to cause headaches and pain that are worse than the “bad” food itself.

In these instances it is best to return to that place of love. When you’re approaching food as a way to feed your Goddess body, it is so much easier to see the right path. Sometimes that path means eating something that is not optimal, but at the same time smiling and honouring your multiple facets that make you a diamond. Other times it means opting for those fresh fruit and vegetables that make your heart sing and your feet dance.

Raw Transformation

In the 3 years since I went raw, all kinds of changes have taken place. I experienced intense bouts of cleansing detox, and things began to shift. For one thing, I really began to understand my body and its rhythms and it opened up a whole new side of my spirituality. I experienced more mental and spiritual clarity, which helped me make decisions with heart.

The path I had taken initially to become a Software Engineer no longer seemed right for me. I really wanted to spend time outside in nature, eating foods that I planted and harvested. So after I graduated as an Engineer, I turned down a job offer for a Wall Street firm in New York City and chose to travel and find out what my calling really was. In the end I realized that spreading the message of health and wellness was the best I could do for those in need of healing.

Eating raw also helped me to figure out some of the patterns and emotional “junk” that I had also been harboring. Of course I also lost those few stubborn pounds I had gained in University, my skin cleared up, and energy levels were off the charts. I got better grades in University and just felt so much better, and I wasn’t affected by colds and infections going around anymore. Plus, this weird splinter I had in my foot for the longest time (5 to 7 years!) that had been getting worse just completely healed with fresh skin. A little wacky really.

At the end of the day – eating raw has helped me become the Goddess I am.



Thank you, lovely Goddess Nathalie, for that precious post. I hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I did. 🙂

Go any radiantly raw questions? Thoughts? Stuff you’d like to share? We’ll do our best to answer in the Comments Circle, possums!

Big love,