Hola my beautiful Goddess sisters!

Oh sweet ones!

Happy first day of a new season!!!!

It’s Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere!

It’s Spring here in the South!

Happy happy Change of Seasons!!!

I always think of this poster I made a few years ago called Wheel of the Year… us beautiful goddesses walking through our year.

Each step of the labyrinth brings a new season, a new energy into our lives.

Time to be out in the sun.

Time to take stock and reflect.

Time to hibernate and dream.

Time to bloom.

And we get to move through it, being as aware and conscious as we can,

working the medicine of our lives,

to bring forth all we are wanting.

There are many ways to work the energy.

Right now at the change of seasons, it’s the perfect time to cleanse & clear the energy.

To clear away the stuck parts, and welcome in newness.

Welcome in things that will serve us, and help us feel whole.

One of the practices that has been most powerful for me is Sacred Space Clearing.

I began learning it seven years ago in women’s circles, and have been using it ever since.

It’s an ingrained part of my life and my journey now, and I am so grateful for its medicine.

I remember…

A few months ago, right at the turn of autumn, I was feeling really stuck and oof and blark and yark.

I was having odd dreams, I kept being awakened in the diet, I stood in dog crap in the backyard all the time.

Something just felt so very off.

And I went trolloping over the field to visit my friend Amanda & grumbled about the offness.

And she said:

Possum, have you cleared your house lately?

And I laughed and laughed and laughed.

I hadn’t at all. I gathered a couple of supplies, and me and Ostara cantered back home again.

And I space cleared our sweet little house until its grey cardigan of yark melted away, and it was shining and glimmering again.

And life went back into balance again. Equilibrium. Perfectly in tune.

There are so many ways to do sacred space clearing

It’s the thing I get most emails about.

About how to change the energy of the house you’ve just moved into. What to do after you’ve had an argument with your hunky & there still feels like there’s tension in the air. How to make transformation in your life.

And Sacred Space Clearing is the best way I know.

There are so many ways to do it.

Through smudging.  Sacred sound. Space clearing sprays. Altars. Creating angel protection.

And more advanced Sacred Space Clearing, like Crystal gridding & Feng Shui.

How I’ve learned

I’ve learned through some incredible teachers.

For them, Sacred Space Clearing is another tool in a Medicine Woman’s medicine bag. It’s a sacred & powerful tool to help change and realign our lives.

I’ve learned through one-on-one guidance. And these tools? A blog post alone cannot do them justice.

So I created the Sacred Space Clearing Kit. I so deeply believe we all need these tools in our lives.

And I am so committed to helping to share them with the world… with every goddess who needs them, and is longing for them.


What you’ll learn

  • Six powerful tools to cleanse the space in your home
  • How to remove old stale energy from your space
  • How to become your very own Medicine Woman
  • How to feel good & light & shiny again.

When you should use it:

  • At the change of seasons
  • Whenever you need to create change in your life – when you want to invite in creativity, healing, peace & abundance (aka art, happiness & money)
  • After arguments & yucky stuff happens.

Why it’s important

A cleared sacred space in our home & offices means:

  • happier gods & goddesses
  • more art being made & work being done
  • a zenner mind
  • less tension in relationships
  • more money flowing in
  • calmer days.

Please note

Two muchos important things!

1. This Kit comes as part of the Creating your Goddess Haven e-course

2. Are you a Goddess Circle member? You get this kit FREE, dearest heart!

What you’ll get in this kit

All the usual over-ze-top beauty you’ve come to expect from a Goddess Leonie kit!

  • A beautifully illustrated workbook.
  • Two videos on smudging yourself & crystal gridding.
  • A Sacred Space Clearing MP3 created by sound shaman Fabeku Fatunmise!

All tools you’ll be able to use & re-use again… to help you make your home (and life) SO much clearer, happier & shinier!


Get yours here now.



I soooo hope this kit helps you make a shinier, more sacred home… and a shinier, more sacred life!!!

Let’s become Medicine Women again… healing & making incredible alllll our lives!!!!

Questions dearest? Just email me! We are here to help!!!!

All my love to you amazing woman…
and happy turn of seasons!!!