Hola my darlinghearts,

I know. I know.

It’s funny energy at the moment right now?

One moment soaring high as a blue winged kite.

The next:

a cacophony of shame, ick, oof & bluck.

It’s energetic bipolar!

The world ashifts beneath our feet.
Some days, all I can do is laugh.
It’s a comedy of errors, and if I wasn’t giggling, I might be lost.

I want you to know.
If you are feeling lost or hurt or sad…
what you need to know is this:


I was sitting there this afternoon.

Awash in a sea of Uck Bluck,

amazed at how crazy things can be,

and I sat and listened in.

Dear Goddess in me, what do you want me to know?

And when I listened,

I saw that I really wanted to go outside.

And I lit giant incense sticks beside my goddess beneath the avocado tree.

And I prayed for us all

to be alight. to remember we are loved. to feel peace & joy again.

And when I listened,

I made a podcast for you.

Tucked away in our laundry,

speaking what is in my heart & soul.

Telling you what I know is true.

The message you may need to hear right now:

(includes really useful meditation to feel lovely & normal & light again!)

Or click here to download!


And when I listen,

I walk instead of drive to my scenar therapy appointment.

But I break out in a run

and run the whole way there

barefoot, laughing breathlessly.


And when I listen,

I collect flowers on the way back:

hibiscus, wattle, bouganvillea.

Big armfuls filled with tropical flowers.

And I go and decorate our lil town’s statue of Goddess Persephone.

She’s the goddess of flowers & spring,

she needed it ya know?


Beautiful heart if you’re feeling a bit lost… I just want you to know it’s all okay. The energy is a bit of a bucking bronco at the moment. Everything will be okay, we are just going through a shift.  Hold tight & be gentle with you dearest.

All will be well.

All is well.

Follow the soft voice inside you…

she’s leading you

to miracles & goodness & joy.

All my love,

P.S. Photo of me & my flower-adorned statue homegirl taken by the beautiful Trish McNeill, owner of my favourite cafe in the world.

P.P.S. Next step?

Tonight, me & my favourite artist helper painted rainbow affirmation rocks…

ready to go join Persephone’s fountain.

It’s guerilla art in the most goddess of ways!