leonie: professional grass watcher and lover

It has been less than a week since I made the decision to become a vegetarian.
I wanted to share with you the insights thus far.

This is BETTER than being on a diet.
It makes me conscious of what I am eating, and what I am actively choosing to nourish my body. I feel so much more joyful when it comes to eating food now. I don’t have to switch off my mind. I don’t have to try to ignore what an animal sacrificed in order for me to eat it. My mind feels peaceful now, and my belly feels like it is smiling.

I’m now so much more aware of what I can choose to eat. I haven’t just cut out meat from my life – I have started eating more fruit, more tofu, more good things that make me feel good. I find my tastebuds adjusting, and no longer wanting to eat *gasp* as much sugar as before. And this is coming from a Sugar QUEEN.

My friend Juliana told me her experience of being mostly vegetarian ~ she told me to become aware of my sensitivity around violence, news on TV and drunk/disorderly people. Another vegetarian friend has agreed with this, and said he is unable to watch mindless violence on TV now that he actively chooses compassion in his day to day life.

I’m already very sensitive to violence and keep a strict movie diet of romantic comedies, documentaries and gentle drama. I often find myself prickling up in tears over the news. Last night I was watching ELF and started to cry when Buddy Elf decided to leave the North Pole, and Papa Elf was saying goodbye. {And: this isn’t the first time I have watched Elf. It wasn’t an unexpected goodbye}. I wonder just how much more sensitive can I get. It will be interesting to see how this one develops.

Journeying into vegetarianism has also meant the discovery of new food that I would have never have tried otherwise. I was worried about missing Chicken Pad Thai and Lamb & Tabouli Kebabs. This week I’ve found some replacements – Tofu Pad Thai (highly scrumptious) and the wonder of FELAFEL kebabs. Let me prostrate before the god who invented felafels. Let me kiss your feet as you have made my belly sing like no other. I know felafels aren’t the newest of foodstuffs inventions, but I’ve just never tried them before. I was a loyal lamb kebab eater. I tend to find something I like and just eat it everytime. Being vegetarian has pushed me out of my comfort zone and into new realms of discovery.

Last night we made another discovery – vegetarian sausages. I thought they would be poo. Wrong. They are incredibly tasty! *insert happy, smiling face*
They were just the thing to watch M*A*S*H re-runs with. {How on earth does that show still manage to be so funny 25 years on?}

So a week into my journey, I’m giving it the double thumbs up, and a big shiner of a smile.

Thank you to all for your advice, encouragement and love. I deeply appreciate it.

Off to the studio. Less than a week until my first market!


{PS: Wanted to just affirm that this is *my* journey. What feels good to me doesn’t necessarily mean it’s right for everyone. Deepest blessings.}