I was reading the fabulous Natalie Mac’s Things to Do this life list…
Number 375 is Leave the bed unmade for a month.

And I was startled.
I called hunky man to the computer, and read it out to him.
We both sat startled for a while.

In all the five years we have lived together,
I cannot remember a time we have actually made the bed.

It seems the moment I left boarding school and my parents’ home,
the concept went flying off out into the stratosphere.
I had actually forgotten bed making existed.


{Don’t get me wrong,
I’m not even entertaining the thought of re-inserting this back in my life,
but it’s somewhat refreshing to sit here, ponder my bed making deficit,
shrug my shoulders, and say
in those well i’ll be darned tones
and smile}

any confessions of your own?