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my one new thing a day experiment is going well.
yesterday i ate my very first roasted chestnut.
Today at lunch, me, deb, dave, andrea and julia went to our first meditation class at the sri chinmoy centre.
It was an *adventure.*
We walk to a mysterious painted door in the city, and a man with blue eyes allows us in.
We take our shoes off, leave them in a white bookcase. The high white walls have golden drawings of soul birds. Sit on pillows, and for precious moments, sit in a horseshoe, as a woman with a beautiful smile guides us through a meditation.
When we open our eyes again, the world is in full colour again. More peaceful.
We walk outside, and there in the city, we have a group hug.
And as we stand there in our blissed out circle, we talk about how it felt.

It makes me giggle to think what we must have looked like.

I know what it felt like though, and it was good.
It warmed my soul on a winter’s day, just as the roasted chestnuts and good conversation warmed me as we walked back.

these are the days we must have.