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Hey pookies,

Remember how I was talking about frugality last week, acknowledging that I didn’t want to reduce expenditure on self care, but still wanted to review my expenses?

I spent the weekend doing the same spreadsheet & homework I prescribe in Week 1 of Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income.

Here’s what I ended up saving:

To which I say:

It always surprises me how much I can reduce – even when I think I run a pretty tight ship on expenses, there’s always more to do.

I went through and:

  • cancelled some excess software
  • reduced user licence numbers
  • checked what usage we were getting on plans & reduced where possible
  • checked for new plan options
  • checked if we could move to another more affordable provider.

My husband already keeps his own spreadsheet for all our telephone, internet & entertainment subscriptions and fucks with it constantly to make it smaller… so there wasn’t much for me to cut on that front.

$4,000 a year is a bonza amount to save though. Even more to throw into ethical managed funds!

Plus, I can still happily nom on my bag of overprized keto freeze dried ice-cream.



In gladness & healthy financial custodianship,