Hey loves,

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Hi panda bears,

Just a quick one today as a reminder note.

I’m doing a LIVE coaching call in less than 41 hours for all my Academy members about the Six Figure Team System: how to hire, grow + keep a team which makes your business more profitable and powerful, and gives you back time, sanity + joy.

My team has really made the world of difference in growing my business.

I was talking to my dear COO this morning, reviewing financials.

I was delighted to realise that my little business that could turned over $618 000 in the last financial year.

This is beyond amazing – especially considering I still only work a few hours a day.

I don’t talk about numbers because I’m a showoff or because I’m money hungry – I talk numbers because I’m not into smoke and mirrors. There’s too many business coaches out there who don’t walk their talk and who don’t have successful, profitable businesses. And I also talk about numbers so you can easily see – hey, that might be someone I could learn from or hey, my business is doing more than that and I don’t know if they’ll actually be able to take me to the next level.

Just so we’re clear here – I actually never expected to be a CEO of a business that did this well. I’ve never been particularly money focussed. There’s been many times in the past I told friends “Yeah, nah, I’m never going to earn over $100k because that’s greedy.” And then I realised that I was actually very much limiting how many people I could help (through having them as clients or helping through philanthropy) when I limited what was possible for me.

Last year, I did what I thought was impossible and became one of the top 1% of lenders through Kiva, my favourite charity. It’s so much more good I could have done than if I had stayed limited.

And it’s damn exciting to realise too that I’ve been able to help even MORE people without burning to a crisp – I’ve been able to grow my business without forsaking my family-focus, my time, sanity, joy and inner peace.

Setting up a business with an incredible team makes the world of difference.

I know there’s lots of pitfalls when it comes to trying to get such amazing support – I know too many entrepreneurs who make crappy mistakes when it comes to hiring staff and cultivating an incredible team.

If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you’ll know I’m pretty much an open book – I’m happy to talk about money, vaginas, swearing, puking, depression and the shitty parts of marriage. I’m the suckiest secret keeper in the world because I don’t see any point in it and I was born without a poker face.

I’d much rather be able to share what’s true for me, what’s worked for me, the good, the hard, the sacred, the ugly and the beautiful. I’d rather be able to help YOU have the life and biz

It’s why the Amazing Biz and Life Academy works so powerfully – I get to help thousands of women by talking real about what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to growing your own beautiful, prosperous, spirited life + business.

Having a damn good support team is a massive, massive part of that. I quite simply wouldn’t be able to do what I do or grow my business so easily and hugely without them.

I’ll be sharing all – what works, what doesn’t – in the special live call for Academy members tomorrow.

Make sure you’re there, sweetheart.

I’d be delighted to give you as much as you need to create and grow your life + business.

But you need to do something to receive it –

you need to step up and say YES.


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